Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Marco Polo An Untold Love Story: A New Musical

We were recently invited to an exclusive preview of an upcoming new musical on Marco Polo’s Untold Love Story thatis set to mount by next year in February 2014 at the Meralco Theater.  The said production will also be touring some parts of Asia and will also be staged in the West End, London. Marco Polo An Untold Love Story features high baritone stage actor David Blanco as Marco Polo, Stephanie Reese as Kogajin, along with veteran stage actors Chinggoy Alonso (Rustigielo) and Gina Respall (Empress Wu). By the way, my favorite stage actor Miguel Faustmann plays Maffeo in the said play and he’s also in-charge of the production design as well.

Purple Plum Fairy had been fortunate enough to be invited by friends because the said event was well attended by foreign dignitaries, socialites, ambassadors and other so-called elite people. But I’ve been quite surprised yet happy to see fellow bloggers who were invited to cover the said event.

 I’d have to say that although my knowledge of theater plays are limited to that of Repertory Philippines and PETA, I really had fun watching the musical play Marco Polo An Untold Love Story. It was quite surprising because I honestly had no idea who Marco Polo was. I mean, of course, I am familiar with his name but I’m sorry for not being a fan of world history. Honestly, with the thought that it’s based on Italian traveler Marco Polo, at first, I thought I’d be bored. But I really enjoyed the play and I guess everybody else did. Marco Polo’s story was worth watching.

There were funny and heart-warming moments in the said musical. I loved the scene where Niccolo, Maffeo, Enzo and the entire male ensemble sang What Do I Do. They were hilarious on stage, and it seemed that they were really enjoying what they do; thus, it’s no wonder that they elicit roaring laughter from the audience. For the lead parts, I was so kilig with the song number of the duo in My Only Love. It reminds me of the song ‘The Last Night of the World’ from the hit Broadway play Miss Saigon where the lead character Kim and her G.I. partner perpetuates the moment they were together before they bid each other goodbyes. In the same manner, Marco Polo and his ladylove Princess Kogajin tries to fight for their affair.

 Here’s the synopsis:
Marco Polo An Untold Love Story is a musical based on Marco Polo’s journey and adventure as well as his love story with the royal Mongolian princess Kogajin. Set in 1271, Marco Polo joined his father Niccolo and uncle Maffeo on their return to Shangtu in faraway Cathay. They were on a mission for the Great Court of Kublai Khan who ruled an empire stretched fro the Danube to the Sea of Japan. During this time, there were destructive conflicts and war on both sides in the West among European monarch and, in the East, conflicts among powerful Mongol warlords. But, the Polo caravan was resolute and continued fearlessly to trek the silk road towards their intended journey.  This destination brought about the meet up of Marco Polo and Kogajin, the royal Mongol princess. They fell in love. But Marco was a foreigner and the son of an ordinary Venetian merchant. Will Marco and Kogajin succeed in their quest for true love? Is it kismet that controls everything or self-will? Is there truly a division that exists between East and West? These are the overarching themes of Marco Polo, an Untold Love Story, a new musical. 

Marco Polo An Untold Love Story, A New Musical is written by playwright, lyricist and composer Rogelio Salido Chua who has played major roles in various musical productions including Oklahoma, South Pacific, My Fair Lady, Fantasticks, Damn Yankees, Fiddler on the Roof, Sweeney Todd, The Merry Widow, Oliver and many others on Manila stage. He also had stage performances as an actor and singer; his experience in theater has been enriched by taking production roles as director, producer and artistic director. He further obtained formal vocal training as a classical singer at the Leuven Conservatorium in Belgium.

 After watching the musical, I felt so proud knowing fully well that Filipinos are part of the cast and ensemble. And the thought that the said production will be bringing the show to Asian countries and to the West End by next year made me truly happy. That only means that more people will have access to watch the musical and more Filipinos will be able to showcase their talent to the world.
Catch the Marco Polo, an Untold Love Story with its Manila run on February 2014 at the Meralco Theater.
For investor inquiries for the West End London Production, block screenings, sponsorships and other inquiries for the Marco Polo, an Untold Love Story, please email:

Purple Plum Fairy thanks Marco Polo, an Untold Love Story line producer, Mr. Ronnie Rivera, twin sister friends of mine: Abby and Aileen Baino for the invite. 


  1. Excited to watch the show in February...Will wait for this!

  2. anyone who wants to buy a show, please email me at or call me at 09157898663 thanks!


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