Monday, August 19, 2013

Diana Stalder’s Painless Facial + Casmara Mask

 Face it: The harsh weather, layers of makeup, pollution, stress, and sleepless nights are getting under your skin. Don’t fret, help is within reach. Diana Stalder, one of the experts in skin care treatment offers trusted dermatological services at reasonable prices. Schedule a monthly painless facial + a luxurious Casmara mask to keep your face clean from all the dirt and grime and come out of the Diana Stalder branch with a clear and radiant skin that exudes from within. The chic Casmara mask is imported from Spain and is made from nature’s bounty and created with your specific skin type in mind.

Having a skin as fair as porcelain and as smooth as silk is no longer a dream. Diana Stalder’s Painless facial + Casmara mask with galvanic treatment will certainly help you to improve your skin. Since it is painless, there’s no need for you to feel that awkward moment during pricking time. Bid adieu to every skin flaw imaginable and make your skin feel and look like those of babies. With regular treatment, even pigmentation diminishes and it also equals your skin tone. So head off to the nearest Diana Stalder branch nearest you and try this awesome facial to get that desired skin you’ve always been wishing for. 

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