Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Have You Seen A Cannon Ball Tree?

A large tree that bears balls the size of a cannon ball.
 I had never seen a tree like it. The branches are wide just like any other tree, but what makes it different are the balls on its branches. It's called a cannon ball tree. Have you guys seen such a tree? And it's quite funny that I saw this unique tree at the Manila Memorial Park in Paranaque during our recent visit before halloween.

Cannon Ball tree flower that looks like Orchids and smells really good.
 The cannon ball tree has flowers that looks just like orchid and smells really good. It reminds me of jasmine or ylang-ylang at night time. But the balls or the so-called cannon balls were like melons or honeydews in looks and in size. It weighs heavy and we were told by the park's caretaker that the cannon balls originated in Singapore. The melon like cannon balls when sliced and opened gives off such a foul odor. Yes, contrary to its pinkish flowers and florets that had a really nice smell.

Jicelle Sanoy and the author infront of the Cannon Ball Tree.

So why am I making a blog post about a tree here? I just wanted to share with you its uniqueness. And we were told that it's an abundance here at the said park because these trees are supposed to watch over the souls of our dearly departed. The flowers are said to give off its smell at night to remind us to pray for them before we sleep at night while the cannon balls give off a rather foul smell to remind us that their bodies are decaying but their memories will and should always be remembered.

When you happen to see one of these cannon ball trees, take a few moments and pray for your beloved ones who passed away. May eternal rest grant unto them and let perpetual light shine upon them.


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