Thursday, December 9, 2010

My dreams and my Quarter-life Crisis

The first book made by Alexandra Robbins.
The sequel to the Quarterlife Crisi book Robbins made.

I think I'm having a quarterlife crisis. Yup, you're reading it right--there's such a thing as quarterlife crisis. You aren't in your 40's yet, but you've lost sight of where you're going.

I have finished a bachelor's degree in mass communication but guess what, I don't want to pursue the profession anymore. Not surprisingly, I have received a lot of flak for turning in this direction. People, especially my family and relatives think that I'm passing up a totally perfect opportunity to earn big bucks--this, aside from wasting four (in my case, it's actually five since I've stopped for one semester)years of college. Actually, I had wanted to shift to another course but I didn't have money to start over. So I just decided to finish my course. An unwise decision? Maybe.

The question is: "What are you going to do then?" Well, I really don't have concrete plans yet, but I do have things in mind. Once I shall have saved enough money, I'll put up my own business. I know that my future is kind of uncertain as of the moment but I'll make it through. I know what I am capable of, that's why I know I can go places. i have battled with hundreds of demons before. What's a couple of hundreds more?

I know, so I am told, that what I'm doing is tremendously risky. One day you see your future vividly, the next thing you know, everything has turned pitch black. The thought of having an uncertain future is as frightening as hell; you don't know where to go, you don't know what to do, and the most frightening of all: you're the only one who could help your helpless self. When your life is on the line, yes indeed, you should be scared.

Don't get me wrong though, this doesn't mean that I'm willing to lose or that I'm giving up. I have a heart--and that's all I ever need. I want to put up my own business, write articles for magazines, perhaps writing for a column won't hurt, and a whole lot more. Yes, there are a lot of things I want to do in my lifetime, but I will never be able to fulfill any of them if I pursue a career in a 9 to 5  office.

People might say that my dreams are worthless or I'm being immature, but who doesn't dream? Personally, I think dreams are among those things that make us human. And with the kind of drive or motivation I have, I do hope nothing can stop me.

I have friends in college whose dreams are entirely not related to our course. There's one girl who wants to be a fashion designer, there's one who wants to teach, another one wanted to become a nurse and so on and so forth. Unfortunately, all of them are currently trying to get themselves "americanized" because of call center or bpo job demands. They either get stressed due to overworked or miss their families. I guess this what separates us from the rest of them: I have the guts to take myself out of the usual. I try to realize what do I really want in life. If I fail, it will be alright. My life may be like jumping off a cliff with the thought that I can fly and soar up in the sky; and that I could also end up plunging back to earth face down. Honestly, I would go for that than living a life that I do not want. I would rather jump off a cliff and hit the ground than ask later "Why the hell didn't I jump?"

I dreamt of seeing my name on print since I was a kid. And I'm proud to say I have done just that. I have faced the tyranny of poverty and survived. These small accomplishments may not be spectacular or they may not yield much profits, but if my dreams are slowly coming into that's something.

Earlier this year, I have been wanting to start a blog. I made this blog in February of 2010, but only managed to put in some posts around October of this year. But before this year ends, I am now maintaining three blogs.

Think of people who have spent their whole lives trying to achieve their dreams. Those who died without achieving them, those who spent their lives without dreaming at all. Now that's downright sad, ain't it? That said, let me leave you with a couple of questions to ponder on: Do you have the guts to go for and get what's rightfully yours? So far, what have you done to achieve your dreams? And do you even have a dream of your own?

God speed and keep on dreaming! Good luck!


  1. love this post vance...i think i've had a few occasions of quarterlife crisis in my 31 years, but not to brag or anything, i think i am now living the best part of my life yet..mummyhood i think is my calling....:)

  2. I too had gone through a series of quarter life crisis...but I agree with jared, mommyhood far outweighs everything else. For a while I've thought that once I've finished my Bachelor's degree I'll be happier...two bachelor's degree after Pharmacy and Engineering I wasn't happy...shifted to Law and double major in Psych...finished it then Masteral in Law and Psych...I said I'm done...but no...I've decided to go for PhD in Psych...I guess if we base "where we want to be" in education, there will never be an end to it. The only good thing with having a lot under your belt is that when one fails there will always be a back up plan. We're not that old yet my dear. And from where I'm've done great esp. with Kyle. Love you Vance!


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