Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's My First Time

Team C: Mommy Rica (in purple), moi and Aunt Cecile(in blue)

If you’ve been a follower of my food blog, then chances are, you must have read in my past posts that I’ve joined a cooking demo contest.  After I got listed, I’ve started scouring for recipes. I’ve asked around and researched on the net. But I couldn’t find any that I liked, until a friend gave me an idea. December 11, 2010. I’ve actually dreaded that day since I need to wake up very early in the morning, around 4AM to prepare for the ingredients we’d be using then.

Moi accepting my prizes...

The No-Cook Recipe Demo Contest was organized by Nestle Club. There were three teams with three member each and we were given only 15 minutes to finish the recipe.  But we did ours in just 9 minutes. The only requirement was to use at least one Nestle product. There were also three judges and one of them was a nutritionist.

The audience were also given the chance to taste all the three recipes made by different teams. I don’t know why, but our team had the most number of food tasters. It was probably due to the fact that our recipe had been colorful enough. It had “Christmas colors” of red and green bell peppers. My hands were clammy after hearing nasty comments from the old people behind me. My heart almost sank and I thought, “Oh, no! We had no chance of winning if these would also be the judges’ reactions.”  I wanted to hide from my seat after hearing such comments, I almost regret joining the contest.

My Aunt happy with our job done.

Each member of our team won P500 worth of Nestle Products and a Nestle apron.
Before the winners were announced, I wasn’t expecting anything anymore. So when I heard our team as winners, it had taken a nanosecond before it had totally sunk into my system. I was dumbfounded, I could not believe we had actually won, but we did!  Hooray! But what had touched me the most was being approached by a total stranger who was a schoolmate from La Salle. He went up to me and shook my hands. He congratulated me and even cheered: “Go, La Salle!” As his schoolmate, I felt the sincerity in his heart and I was happy to have made him proud. Too bad, I wasn’t able to ask his name, but whoever he was, I’m thanking him from the bottom of my heart.

Here allow me to share our no-cook recipe:

Bacon Mushroom Vegetable Fusilli Pasta


Bacon bits

Julienne sliced carrots

Boiled broccoli florets

Fusilli (spiral) pasta (cooked according to package instructions)

Sliced button mushrooms

Sliced red and green bell peppers

Nestle All Purpose Cream

Maggi Magic Sarap

Salt and pepper

Grated cheddar cheese

1 can of Cream of Mushroom

Chopped parsley


Mix the Cream of Mushroom and Nestle All Purpose Cream. Pour the mixture into the pasta. Continue mixing while putting the rest of the ingredients together. For garnishing: Garnish it with parsley in the middle and put sliced red and green bell peppers around it. Dash a few bacon bits and grated cheese on top.

Special thanks to my good friend, Sherry Rose Salonga-Licauco for the idea and to my fellow La Sallian.
Our no-cook winning recipe: Bacon Mushroom Vegetable Fusilli Pasta

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