Saturday, December 17, 2022

Fujitsu The Next Generation in Scanning


The Next Generation in Scanning

Modern scanning devices are like bridges between the physical and digital worlds. They allow massive amounts of information to be processed in feasible amounts of time and that information can be stored, examined, and manipulated at the user's discretion. Today's scanners offer a great deal more than the bulky, clumsy scanners from yesterday. They've altered the way that business gets done. Indeed, the options available today in image scanning are disruptive to classic office scenarios in the convenience and efficiency that they offer.

Limitless Possibilities

The Fujitsu fi-7160 is a good example of the limitless possibilities that today's scanners offer. The revolutionary image sensor technology means that you'll get clarity from any document or image that you scan. The cutting-edge paper handling mechanics are the sort of upgrade that leads to smaller models. 

Increased capacity, speeds and connection capabilities are tantamount to setting up a virtual office wherever you're setting up shop for the day. Smaller, lighter devices can travel with you, in the event that an emergency pulls you from the office but it doesn't change the work that needs to get done. Both the Fujitsu 7000 and 8000 series scanning devices feature market-leading capture software and cloud connectivity.

Small Footprint

 When it comes to scanning, the smaller the footprint, the better. Modern scanners can accomplish huge workloads while occupying a minimal amount of space. Remote flu shot clinics are scenarios that celebrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the next generation in scanning. In such a scenario, the medical expert meets the public outside of the office, and thus, necessarily out of reach of office devices and equipment.

Those medical professionals need signatures before they can issue the shots, and those signatures need to be logged. A small, portable scanner can easily fit into any vehicle and be brought out to any location. With power and WiFi, that scanner can take critical information from the remote site into the database in real-time. The paperwork that patients fill out at the remote location can be scanned, and thus instantly logged correctly and all but eliminating the risk of corrupted data.

The Fujitsu 8000 series offers the next generation in scanning excellence. These compact devices are made for demanding workflows with a small footprint in mind. The fi-8170, for instance, is redefining what's possible, harnessing the power of 32 patents that can bring straight-to-cloud scanning to you. Its groundbreaking Clear Image Capture also helps to get usable data from either typed documents or handwritten notes.

Getting the best in scanners means getting the best-quality imaging that can be easily uploaded from the home, office or any remote location on a device that could potentially fit in your pocket. Whether you need a scanner that will deliver efficiency at high volume or something more suited to capturing the nuance of artwork and fine print, in today's market you can find the perfect model for any scenario. Visit an office supply store today to check out the latest in scanners and rely on state-of-the-art devices for tomorrow's work.

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