Thursday, December 15, 2022

Poblacion Market Central holds annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony


Alsons Dev’s Poblacion Market Central hosted its annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony last November 30, 2022, officially welcoming the festive season in Davao City. Standing tall at 20-feet, the glimmering Christmas tree boasts its design meticulously decorated with bamboo and handmade banana paper, inspired by tribal patterns and core Filipino values that Alsons Dev upholds.

This year, Christmas in Davao will be even more joyous thanks to Alsons Development and Investment Corporation (Alsons Dev), which hosted its annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony at Poblacion Market Central last November 30, 2022.

A 20-foot-tall Christmas tree made of bamboo and handcrafted banana paper, which is a tribute to Filipino ingenuity and resourcefulness, will greet Davao's holiday revelers. It reestablishes Poblacion Market Central as a focal point that highlights Mindanao's vibrant culture and continues to draw visitors from all over the region with its cutting-edge interpretations of art, shopping, and cuisine that support regional identity.

Even the Christmas tree itself is loaded with significance. The bamboo swirl in the amakan motif represents the Filipinos' adaptation and suppleness to many circumstances. On the other hand, the handmade banana paper stars and swags decorated in vibrant Yakan, Okir, and Ikat tribal patterns represent the people of Mindanao's enduring ties to their customs and culture. Alsons Dev strives to promote fundamental Filipino values through its programs and activities even as we adjust to the demands of modern times.

Executives from Alsons Dev, including Vice President and General Manager Eric de la Costa and Assistant General Manager of the Business Units Group Jolla Soriaga, lit the tree. The Davao Suzuki String Ensemble, a group of student musicians led by Krizmagnum Ibaos, serenaded the audience with a lovely selection of Christmas carols in the background. The cuts were specifically chosen to evoke a joyous Filipino Christmas.

Poblacion Market Central’s Christmas Tree lighting ceremony was heralded by the Davao Suzuki String Ensemble, comprised of talented student musicians from across the city. This event is just one of the many holiday activities in store for DavaoeƱos at Poblacion.

The Davao String Ensemble

Christmas is a joyous time for anyone, but Soriaga said, "We wanted to make it even more joyful for Davaoenos with Poblacion's range of art, food, and retail options and this gorgeous Christmas Tree that not only invokes the joy of Christmas but also makes them feel proud of their heritage."

To provide Davaoneos a great holiday experience, Poblacion has introduced new concept stores and experiences over the past several months. Alsons Dev is renowned for building well-developed, environmentally friendly, livable communities with permanency and long-term value. It is the leading real estate developer in Davao. Poblacion Market Central, which debuted late last year and is a part of this portfolio, provides a revitalizing shopping experience with its modern amenities and choice of the greatest gifts from Davao this Christmas season.

Poblacion Market Central has everything you need, whether you're looking for a place to eat with family, a place to hang out with your barkada, or stores to buy Christmas gifts from. At Poblacion Market Central, you can experience a truly contemporary Dabawenyo Christmas!

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