Monday, February 15, 2016

Nichols Airport Hotel Staycation Giveaway Winner x Purple Plum Fairy

I’ve started blogging back in February 2010. And since it’s my blog’s anniversary (as part of its celebration) and not to mention the so-called ‘Love month’ hence, I’ve decided to have a Staycation giveaway from our generous sponsor, NicholsAirport Hotel. Having been blessed to review such nice hotel, I wanted one of my readers along with three other people he/she wanted to share it with to experience the staycation which I’ve had during my overnight stay at the said hotel.  And to make the staycation more enjoyable, aside from the free breakfast meals for four people, Nichols Airport Hotel also threw in a spa treatment for four persons too. It makes the lucky winner’s stay and company, truly a memorable one. 

First of all, let me take this opportunity to thank everyone who joined my humble giveaway. In as much as I’d like to make everyone a winner, I’m so sorry I can’t as I am only allowed to pick just one winner. I am planning though to have more giveaways in the near future. Thank you for reading my blog and for following me on my social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram and for liking my blog’s Facebook page

So who’s the lucky winner? After verifying the entries, and raffling them off via fish bowl, we were able to draw out the winner. Drum roll please....Taaaadaaaaah! Congratulations to Mercy Maata for winning Purple Plum Fairy and Nichols Airport Hotel Staycation giveaway!

Again, thank you to everyone who joined our contest. We hope that Mercy Maata and company will be able to enjoy their staycation as much as I had enjoyed mine. 

God bless everyone!

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