Sunday, May 22, 2011

Purple Plum Fairy's First Giveaway Winners Circle

Hi guys! Here are the winners of Purple Plum Fairy's Summer Giveaway. Kyle randomly picked the  five winners on a cube first thing this morning upon waking up from bed, (that explains the inset photo) while my Mom assisted him.  Congratulations to the following:

1. Vix Parungao
2. Cielo Pagcaliwagan
3. Michelle Anne Ame
4. Ma. Theresa Montino
5. Jenn 

For those who had not won, there will be an upcoming giveaway soon. I'm just trying to fix everything. But to give you a glimpse, here's the photo: 

I'll be adding more to these next giveaway, hopefully. Keep visiting my site for more details and to keep you updated. Btw, winners of my first giveaway will be receiving emails from me soon on how to claim your prizes. 

Purple Plum Fairy thanks all those who joined. For non-winners and winners too, hope you'll be joining my next giveaway...

Gotta go!


  1. Wow sis, You make my Monday a beautiful one...

  2. yay! i won!thanks vance, i'll get my prize soon ;)

  3. Guys, I have yet to email you. Sorry po medyo busy lang po. Vix had claimed her prize na, so I've no problem with them...Anyone who's coming to the Nuffnang Family day? Let me know. I'll be bringing your prize if ever you'd be coming. Thanks.

  4. Wow! Did I just won. Thank you very much!


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