Monday, May 16, 2011

A day of Bonding @ Manila Ocean Park's Swimming and Fun pools

Danica Millare, Mommy and Me.

I was invited last week for a swimming event for members of the media held at the Manila Ocean Park’s Swimming and fun pools with my family.  I had not been expecting anything since I figured we would just be swimming. I had been totally wrong for Manila Ocean Park’s Swimming and fun pools offers more to its visitors.

Milette Sison and daughter danica.

Clean and spacious lockers abound.

Kyle happily jumped off and floated into the inviting waters of Manila Ocean Park’s swimming pools as early as nine thirty in the morning. He immediately changed into his trunks the minute we arrived there.  I was impressed with the genuine friendliness of Manila Ocean Park’s staff. Since it was our first time to visit the swimming pool area, they made sure we were properly guided. I liked their dressing rooms because unlike other resorts, lockers are available. One needs an I.D. in order to access a locker.  The locker room was spic and span, with a few seats so you could sit while waiting for your companion to finish dressing up and hooks abound for clothes.

The closest we could get to sea lions.

My Mom in lounging by the pool.
It was such a refreshing change as the Manila bay’s sea breeze invigorates us.  They have one huge pool where you can even try the zorb ball. Kids will get excited as they roll over the huge pool in a giant zorb ball. There are three different pools to choose from, two of the pools had running jets that will surely give a massage and will take away stress and body pains. While you’re there, don’t miss out on the Marine Life Habitat sea lion show happening on stage at a particular schedule depending on weather condition. It’s great to see these cute creatures up close. You can even watch the show for free by staying in the circular pool. The nearby Liquid pool lounge is the best place for barkadas. Here, you can order fries, mojos, squid rings, sandwiches and cocktail drinks. But nothing beats having the al fresco dining experience at the Sandbar Seafood and Grill. 

The sea lion show while we're inside the pool.

Imagine having to stay under the trees while munching on barbecues and having Manila Bay as your background. I could imagine it at night where you could dine with your special someone under the stars.  It’s even the perfect venue to propose marriage. (READ: Guys, are you reading this?) The bar cum resto is super cozy, with satisfying and delicious meals while having that unique experience. I’d say, it felt like being transported to Boracay Island. 
Kyle loved the chicken barbecue served during our stay. My Mom and I loved their pichi-pichi and pancit palabok at Sandbar Seafood and Grill.  There’s so much to see and do at the Manila Ocean Park. An entire day isn’t enough to roam around and see everything there is. We’ve been to Manila Ocean Park a couple of times, but it is only recently where we really had fun because we were able to bond well as family. It was also an added bonus that my good friend and fellow blogger Emiliana “Millette” Sison was there with her only daughter Danica. Since Kyle and Danica had been friends, they both seemed to have a natural affinity to water. At the end of the day, it was quite difficult for us to make them stop swimming.

Danica and Kyle enjoying the sea breeze.

Allow me to take this opportunity to commend the lifeguards on-duty that day specifically the one who had saved Danica from drowning at the huge pool. Ate Millette and I were in a casual conversation inside the pool when a lifeguard hurriedly jumped on the pool to get her.  It was later revealed that although Danica knows how to float, she was having some difficulty trying to catch her breath underwater the very reason why she resorted into panic, thereby made her drown.
Purple Plum Fairy thanks Ms. Armi Cortes for inviting us, Mr. Evir, and  Noria Adam-Lim.

Manila Ocean Park’s Swimming and Fun Pool tickets can be acquired through Acquatica ticketing counters. Pool re-entry may be allowed.
Pool Hours: 8:00AM-5:00PM
Entrance Fees: P180 per head (weekdays)
P200 per head (weekends)
For more information, log on to
Call (632) 567-7777 loc. 118 or 119
Fax: (632) 567-2309


  1. Maganda nga yan, mapuntahan nga...

  2. Danica has been talking about our Aquatica summer activity the whole week! Thank God all turned out well (minus the drowning incident)!

  3. How deep were the pools? Was the place crowded? Thanks.

  4. Hi, Perry! Thank you for your comments. I really appreciate it. The pools were only about 4 to 5 feet. The place wasn't that crowded especially during the morning, around 9AM. The best thing is that they have one pool under the shade, so for people who don't wanna get some tan, that's the perfect place for them. Again, thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. hi. i've been looking for a swimming pool near kalaw ave. at last i've found one. thanks a lot! ur blog is really helpful!

  6. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog anier! I really appreciate it. I'm glad to be able to give you info and helped you in the process.

  7. Hi there, are they strict with the swimming attire? We're planning to go there this weekend po kasi. Thanks!

  8. Magkano po yung entrance for two persons ? sa swimming pool near in manila ocean park ?

  9. Hi! Allowed po ba magdala ng food sa loob ng MOP? Saka about the lockers, may bukod na bayad pa po ba yun? Thanks! :)

  10. Hello. Is there a separate entrance fee for manila ocean park besides the pool entrance fee? 180/200 lang talaga babayaran?

  11. Hi Po ask Ko Lang ok Lang Po ba nA d2 swim suit? Ok Lang Po ba nA white shirt & garterize short? Tnx Po


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