Thursday, May 19, 2011

Celebrate the End of Summer

The beach we all love to stay for the summer.

May is about to end. And sad to say, it will only take a few more weeks before our sweet summer vacation comes to an end. I’m quite sure that by this time, you must have been buying school supplies for your kids and probably had been busy buying new school uniforms. The question is, were you able to bond well with your children during those days when they don’t have classes? If the answer is no, you can still make up for them.

Before you put that snazzy swimsuit at your bottom drawer, make an effort to condition you kids’ mind before they head back-to-school in June. The countdown to school usually brings frowns to the little one’s faces, right? 

To ease the transition, why not make the last few weeks of summer really special? Here’s how:
Have a camp-out. If you can’t get away to places like Caliraya to actually camp under the stars, do it at home! Provide a real or makeshift tent (blanket over a clothesline) and sleep on a thick blanket in the garden or even the living room. If you happen to own cool inflatable couches, bring them out as well. You kids will surely enjoy sitting here while happily stargazing. This novel way of spending the night with Mom and Dad will make the night more special. Make sure you supply marshmallows (for toasting), some barbecue for grilling and spooky stories! Indulge in games of scrabble or snakes and ladders.
Things need not be expensive especially when you’re on a tight budget. But if your family can afford it, it’s also great to bring your family out to a swimming resort or facility near you, even a public pool (but make sure, it is properly cleaned) will do. While you’re at it, don’t forget to bring your kids’ foam pool floats. These pool noodles help your kids enjoy swimming as they get to play in the pool, it also promises loads of fun in the water. Children must always be supervised by adults when inside the pool. Never leave your children alone.

The author with nephew Kyle who loves to swim for hours in the pool.
Hold off on taking that business trip for a day. You guys can have fun shopping together. Tell your kids to make a list of everything they need for the coming school year, plus a few fun extras. Take them to the mall for a shop-out at the school supply store plus their favorite clothing stores for one or two several outfits.  End the day with a movie or a restaurant visit.
If sports is your thing, you could also play a game of bowling, a few sets of badminton, chess, even basketball. Or better yet, you could teach your kid a new sport like baseball. I would recommend that you purchase a baseball bat online because they had the best as compared to local stores. You can check out easton sv12 for cool baseball bats at amazing prices.

The author (on yellow shirt) with some relatives out for some adventure on a hanging bridge.

Hold an “End of Summer” party. You’ve heard of un-birthdays? Well this is an un-event event. Tell your kids to invite their friends over for some ice cream and cake to celebrate the end of summer. Have back to school theme, jungle theme adventure or a beach theme! 

Seeing friends and having a blast will make their end of summer blues disappear. You’ll be surprised, your kids will actually count down to the end of summer instead of dreading it.

Enjoy the remaining days of summer!


  1. i simply love summer + i dread the rainy days! hope summer lasts longer! + i do hope to have one more swimming adventure before the swimming ends, or we can always have a pool (inflatable, that is!) party in the backyard :)

  2. Summer brings back a lot of memories such as summer love, first time to go to a place, first time to ride a horse, leaned hot to bike--those stuff. We all want to perpetuate the moment, but we had to say goodbye to them so as to give way for more exciting memories. Thanks for dropping by my site dear.


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