Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bratty Bonita: Elegant Laptop Bags at an Affordable Price!

Classic Precious bags in different colors.

I had another confession to make: I had not been fully aware of elegantly crafted laptop bags made by Bratty Bonita until I had seen one quite recently.  I had long been hearing about this amazing laptop bag brand from friends but I had been really busy.  It had been featured in numerous television shows such as US Girls on Studio 23. After I bade goodbye to my fashion writing career some years ago, I had not read any fashion-related magazine up to this day.  Perhaps, this is also due to the fact that I had been plain Jane almost all my life.  I’m basically the type who goes to work in my fave jeans, shirt and rubber shoes.
Oh, but there’s one thing I’m passionate about though—yep, I love bags. I had loads of them stocked in my cabinet. I’ve backpacks, shoulder bags, sling bags, boho bags, knapsacks, attaché case style, luggage with compartments—the works—now you get the picture. 

The Felix bag making laptops convenient to carry.

Bratty Bonita aims to provide laptop owners with classic and trendy pieces that goes well with each owner’s personalities at very reasonable prices.  You can even have them custom made, making sure that you’ll find the right size for your laptops.
With a variety of colors and designs to choose from, you simply can’t go wrong .  It had fixed laptop sleeve, padded with high-density foam (Uratex), and had long straps enough to wear on shoulder. The bags itself are made with Russian and US Leatherette. The good news is that it has an interior divider, so fixing your stuff had never been this easy. 

Another purple bag in stripes.

Prices differ depending on materials, sizes and designs.  They have new designs and collections that are now available online such as Precious style—with Ostrich skin available in different colors such as mustard yellow, light tan, white, violet, black, navy blue, chocolate brown, beige and red.

The Felix design on the other hand is more edgy making it a tote, backpack and messenger bag all-rolled into one. It had metal accents with detachable straps and handle, allowing you to customize its look.  The main compartment features a separate padded slot with high-density foam and secured Velcro latch. And in a true Bratty Bonita fashion, the rest of the bag is also padded for your precious laptop’s extra protection against dust, dirt and grime. 

Keeping your laptops and other nifty gadgets safe.

There’s also a triple lock laptop bag for your safety and peace of mind. It is accentuated with an antique lock in front, with two belt-like straps and magnetic buttons at the bottom to close the flap. It had adjustable sling, back zipper and an inside pocket where you can stash your mobile phone or wallet secretly.

Bag sizes are:
12x10x4, 14x12x4, 15x12x4 and 17x13x4

Nu Back Brown Precious--so stylish, you're sure to make a fashion statement.

And here’s the best part, you need not to go far to make a purchase. Bratty Bonita delivers to anywhere in the globe (but you have to shoulder the shipping fee, of course). Bratty Bonita ships their bags thru LBC (for Provinces) or XEND (for orders within Metro Manila).

You may choose from their Ready for Pick up Album, you could also email them if you want your bags customized, any queries and specifications are welcome. Just fill out an Order form on their site and wait for your order’s confirmation on your email. Payments can be made via BPI, GCASH or thru Western Union.

My friend had made a purchase of these amazing Bratty Bonita bags online and I was glad to find out that the owner turned out to be my college buddy Althea Secretaria! I was not surprised at all upon knowing Althea owns and manages an online business such as this because way back then, she knows what she wants and how she could get them.  I am truly happy for her thriving business.  And I am jonesing to own a Bratty Bonita laptop bag soon. 

Purple colored laptop backpacks are great.

For further inquiries, please email or text Althea at 0905-4208429.  You could also visit their websites

Bring those laptop anywhere in stylish Bratty Bonita Bags!


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