Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Bring the digital revolution to sari-sari stores with Packworks


Sari-sari stores are an integral part of every Filipino neighborhood. It is even said that for every 100 Filipinos, there is one sari-sari store. From household essentials to quick snacks, they have it all, that’s why they have a special place in our hearts.

Though they play an important role in our communities, many sari-sari stores have been left behind by the pace of technological development. The reality is, that most of these sari-sari stores operate traditionally, still using the good old pen-and-paper method. While it undoubtedly works, it fails to enable these micro-enterprises to fulfill their full potential. To address this gap, Packworks was created.

Through Packworks, sari-sari stores can finally join the digital revolution, and in the process
increase sales to up to 50 percent through an app called the Sari Super Store. Packworks
provides a B2B platform with mobile ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) that is easy to use,
low-bandwidth and light footprint that will allow these sari-sari store entrepreneurs to become
more efficient in managing their business. It also provides them with access to a wider range of suppliers and financial products.

Not only does the app provide convenience for the sari-sari store entrepreneurs who use it, it
also multiplies the business operations’ efficiency at an astronomical rate due to the amount of data it brings.

This is the beauty of Packworks. It enables small businesses like sari-sari stores to have greater access to tools and knowledge that can unlock their unlimited potential.

“We at Packworks believe in the power of our microentrepreneurs to drive economic growth and social development within their communities. Through the tools that we are making available to them, we are helping them see their full potential and achieve greater flexibility in their operations while greater earnings for them and their families,” Packworks Co-Founder Ibba Bernado said.

Packworks makes a difference in the lives of many Filipinos who have little to no access to the technology they need to bring their businesses to the next level. Since many sari-sari stores are located in far-flung areas, Packworks made sure the app can be used with or without Internet connection. The entire store running process can still be carried out offline, and most especially, it can be done remotely.

“The Sari Super Store app works even during brownouts. They just need the Internet
occasionally to get access to more promos, and opportunities so that we can coach them on
improving their business,” Bernardo added. The app’s user-friendly interface was specially made for sari-sari store owners who may have difficulty shifting to a more tech-savvy way of managing their business.

“It's  all about making sure they’re not left behind as the world transitions further into a digital
landscape. It’s about accessibility and ensuring they have tools that contribute to their
establishment and success,” Packworks Co-Founder Bing Tan said.

Packworks has always strived to give sari-sari store owners the best options and opportunities to grow while considering the limitations they have in mind because they are, after all, still small businesses.

“Digitizing sari-sari stores through the Packworks app will strengthen their position in a
community that continues to embrace technology,” Packworks Co-Founder Hubert Yap added.
With more than 150,000 sari-sari stores registered within the network, Packworks is not only
helping businesses thrive, it’s enabling communities to grow and prosper, proving useful during difficult times such as economic crises and natural disasters.

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