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Where to Find Free Online Culinary-Related Games for Kids and Adults


If you've ever dreamed about working in the kitchen as a chef, online culinary based games are for you

I had always been interested in culinary after being inspired by the anime cartoon Cooking Master Boy (not sure if you guys are familiar with it, but fandom of anime would surely know Liu Mao Xing, the protagonist in the said cartoon) back during my high school years. Watching the anime somehow made me understand the “magic” brought about by chefs into each dish. Not only do they make the dish more palatable but also create art by means of creative plating which in turn makes the dish enticing. The said cartoon series also taught me the difference between a gourmet and a gourmand. And as they say, the rest is history.  I even took a short course in baking in La Salle a couple of years ago. And I guess, somehow it had also influenced me to delve into food blogging via

Liu Mao Xing from Cooking Master Boy animation

During my spare time, I’ve also enjoyed playing online games or playing mobile apps that had something to do with cooking or food preparation as well. I recently discovered a site called that has a collection of more than 100 games to choose from. I stumbled upon it while I was browsing for fun activities for my 7-year-old niece who I tutor for her online classes. Since I had introduced baking to Cerise (my niece’s name), I figured it would be nice to allow her to play a game that had something to do with the kitchen or with cooking or baking as well. This way, she’d be familiar with some terms, tools, and ingredients while at the same time, giving her brains some break from the daily online classes she has to attend. I’d be hitting two birds with one stone—motivating my niece to study hard while allowing her to enjoy by giving her a fun activity to do.

Here's my niece, Cerise enjoying how to bake my fave carrot cake.

Although some of the games from might be too basic or too easy for kids, there are other games that can even challenge you which may be fun for most adults too. To give you an idea of the kind of online games they offer, let me site three of Cerise’s favorite games from the site. 

If your child ever dreamed of becoming a junior master chef, Sweety Cooking Chocolate Cake may be just the game for your kiddo. Make use of a fully equipped kitchen with professional utensils and the freshest ingredients, to digitally cook the chocolate cake. It teaches kids how to follow instructions well. It is tailor-made for first graders like Cerise as well as those in the pre-school. It familiarizes children with the kitchen and its tools. The ingredients and tools respond to your actions so you can try again to perfect your cooking skills without having to invest in really expensive baking materials in real life. Sweety Cooking Chocolate Cake delivers a fun game with its virtual kitchen.

Sweety Cooking Chocolate Cake Game

Another game that I personally liked from the site is the Burger Maker. Well, if you’ve always wanted to live the fast-paced restaurant life of collecting orders, serving them, pleasing customers, and relishing how fabulous your cooking skills are, you can achieve that dream now with the Burger Maker game. The burger maker allows the player to stack ingredients based on the order list received to make the burger. And you’re given a 10 to 15 seconds time frame to finish. Once done, the ingredients list will make you click the “serve now” button under the burger so the order can be brought to the customer. You need to have a fast reflex in order to enjoy the game. But it’s a really simple and repetitive game which I enjoy even as an adult. I am a burger lover so the game reminds me that you need patience and you have to be a fast learner because such pressure at the kitchen during work gives you more or less an idea if you would make a good chef in real life. 

Burger Maker game from site

But the first game Cerise and I tried from the site was the Can I Eat It Game. It is a game specifically made with preschoolers and kindergarten in mind. The game is so easy to do. The answers are clickable by yes or no. The kid player just needs to click the answer if he or she thinks that the shown item is edible. There are a lot of items being shown such as sausages, rock, socks, fruit, vegetables, sticks, cookies, bugs, and a lot more. 

The Can I Eat It game

Nowadays, culinary and kitchen games available online aren’t for kids anymore, plenty of adults are using this to become better cooks and chefs from the comfort of their homes.

So whether you like baking cakes, assembling a burger, serving street-style foods, or the more refined environment of fine dining, there is a game to exercise your brain, improve your motor neurons, boost your ability to relate with customers, and of course, the rewards that come at the end the day.

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