Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Why I chose to get Vaccinated against Covid-19 virus?

Purple Plum Fairy got her vaccine against COVID-19 for free from the QC LGU

Things must’ve been pretty daunting and difficult for most of us. I had a few friends who had experienced mental breakdowns and depressive episodes due to what seemed to be endless community quarantine. Worse, we hear friends or people we know pass away due to Covid or other debilitating diseases. Others were retrenched from their jobs while a few others had to struggle with half of what they were supposed to receive as compensation—as they say, it’s better to be gaining something rather than not to be gaining anything at all. During this trying times, practicality is what we need. My husband works as a frontliner and there isn't everyday that I worry about him, his overall health and well-being. But there isn't anything I can do about it. I just pray hard that he will always be negative each week he gets swabbed for antigen test. 

How are you coping with the pandemic? I just got my final dose of Sinovac vaccine courtesy of the Quezon City local government as part of those A3 category (those with comorbidity) since I have diabetes and hypertension. Originally, I had registered in three different cities since I wanted to take a chance and I thought, whichever comes first, there will I go and get my vaccine. I had registered in the City of Manila (since workplace is within the area), in Las Pinas (because my husband hails from there and that’s where we were supposed to live) and back home (in Quezon City) even if I am now living in Bacoor Cavite since January 2021 (after I have gotten married and chose to live on our own). I ended up having my vaccines done in my beloved “city of the stars” because I was enlisted in our barangay. 


Even if I had to travel all the way from Bacoor City to Quezon City twice just to have my two doses of vaccine, I really didn’t mind at all. It was after all for my health & safety. It was a good thing my dear husband made sure he was there to support me in every step of the way. I have hypertension stage 2, which means my blood pressure is spiking like crazy. And mind you, I had to make sure my blood pressure gets lowered to at least 140 (systolic) from around 200 plus. It was difficult as I had to double my dose of my maintenance medicines, but nothing could keep me from my desire to get my jab. 

Purple Plum Fairy gets her first dose of anti-COVID vaccine

So what it is that made me want to get vaccinated? I know that even with my vaccine, I’m not totally immune with Covid virus. But I believe somehow, it will protect me from mortality. The Department of Health (DOH) and World Health Organization (WHO) recommends emergency vaccinations against COVID to protect us. When you choose to skip vaccines, you leave yourself all the more vulnerable against COVID and all its other variants. 

Purple Plum Fairy had her vaccine against COVID virus at the public elementary where she finished primary school.

Vaccines are as important to your overall health as diet and exercise. Similar to eating healthy and nutritious foods, exercising and getting regular check-ups, vaccines play a significant role in keeping you healthy. It is one of the most convenient and safest preventive measures available against COVID.

Even if there have been reported issues and side effects, these side effects said to be associated with vaccines are pretty uncommon and much less severe than the COVID virus they prevent. So as they say, choose the lesser evil. 

Purple Plum Fairy here showing her vaccination card during her first dose

If you ask me, the vaccines I’ve had didn’t have much side effect on me, with the exception of the double dosage of meds I needed to take which made me a bit dizzy for a few hours. But after having rested, I was up and about. But I think the vaccine itself didn’t really had much side effect on me. It was more of my own meds for hypertension which had caused the dizziness I had experienced. Overall, I’d still recommend that you get yourself vaccinated. 

There are also perks and freebies available exclusively for vaccinated people in various restaurants and establishments. You might want to check that out too. Lucky for some areas in Metro Manila like the people from Las Pinas, they might also be the lucky one to bring home as house and lot, motorcycles and other awesome prizes by the end of the year where a raffle will be held for those who had their vaccines and filled up the entry forms. 

Practice social distancing at all times. 

I may not need any raffle prize to convince and motivate myself to get my vaccine. I consider myself fortunate to be given the chance to get my vaccines for free by the local government unit of Quezon City where I used to reside. And for as long as I am COVID-free and so does my loved ones, I still believe there is a ray of hope for all of us. Someday soon, everything will be back to normal again—where we can hug our friends and family and enjoy each other’s company sans face masks and face shields. But for now, we had to do our part first by getting ourselves jabbed, adhering to social distancing and following the government’s health and safety protocols. Let’s all pray that we will be able to get through this, no matter what. 

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