Thursday, August 20, 2020

Discover the Sinfully Delicious Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookie by the Fet Boys

Aah, chocolate chip cookies. The mere mention of those is enough to make me salivate. Whether you like them gooey, crispy, or somewhere in the middle, cookie lovers everywhere seem to agree that these treats are a national standard. If you live in the South, then consider yourself lucky--because there's a best-kept secret of the south called Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookie by The Fet Boys. Only die-hard Southern people know about them. Their cookies are so good, maybe people don't want to share for fear of being sold out which it almost always is. 

The Fet Boys are twin brothers Karl and Kirk Ngo although Kirk is the one who bakes all the time. The Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookie is his creation and this comes in both GIANT and regular size.  I bet, even Sesame Street's Cookie Monster character would be happy to know that the giant-sized Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookies are also made giant in terms of its taste. 

The Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookie is made of chocolate chip goodness, walnuts, and chunky chewy cookie all rolled into one. The best part? It tastes just right--with the right amount of sweetness so you won't end up with achy tooth or a sore throat. Instead, it will surely satisfy your sweet tooth sans the pain. The sweetness is just right that even diabetics like me can eat a piece of this. 

I am a firm believer in these three words: Treat yo’ self! Sometimes you just really need a chocolate chip cookie. Simple, satisfying, and nostalgic, a chocolate chip cookie is the quintessential sweet treat. The Fet Boys' Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookie maybe a new brand starting to make a name for themselves on our dessert shelf but they have long been made available for those who know the twins behind the brand, Kirk and Karl. People in Singapore (where the twins have been working as chefs) love their cookies and have long become fans. Now it's time for their fellow Filipinos to taste the goodness of their yummy cookies. 

Don't judge their simple packaging just yet, but it promises to give you one warm memorable cookie experience where you're bound to be craving for more. 

If you would like to experience their fantastic and sinfully delicious warm cookie, message the Fet Boys on their Facebook Page. If you're not ready to take in the giant version, order the regular version. Make sure you order at least a dozen because everyone who ordered only 6 pieces ordered another dozen after just one bite.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are my own. 

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