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Yakikai Grill and Fusion Buffet Restaurant Food Review

YakiKai Fusion Buffet Restaurant

Sink your teeth and experiment with different types of grills at the newly opened YakiKai Fusion Buffet Restaurant in Scout Lazcano Street near Sacred Heart area and Tomas Morato in Quezon City.  This latest BBQ spot allows you to try both Japanese and Korean dishes starting at their promotional opening price rate of Php 399 (this offer is extended up until January 31, 2020) for thheir Premium Set (Regular Price is Php499) where you can already feast on the following mouthwatering barbecue based dishes like: Chicken Teriyaki, Spicy Chicken Yakiniku, Samgyupsal, Spicy Samgyupsal, Galbi Sauce Pork, Peppered Pork Shoulder Loin, Sliced Beef, Beef Tare Yakiniku, Spicy Beef and Fresh Shrimps. That's on top of the usual unlimited banchan.

For their Emperor Set which is currently also on opening promotional price rate at Php 599 (Regular Price is at Php699) has an overload of Chicken Teriyaki, Spicy Chcken Yakiniku, Samgyupsal, Spicy Samgyupsal, Galbi Sauce Pork, Peppered Pork Shoulder Loin, Sliced Beef, Beef Tare Yakiniku, Spicy Beef, Fresh Shrimps, Beef Steak (Chuck Eye roll), Jjampong Nabe, Salmon Sashimi and Ebi Tempura. You can get all these and more because you can eat as much as you can with their wide array of banchan. You practically roll on your tummies as you feast on these awesome Japanese and Korean fusion buffet spread.

I was in awe watching the staff prepare the foods from their open kitchen where you can actually see the foods as they are being done, so you can be assured that your food is made clean and fresh. The staff also does refills fast although you have to be reminded that due to the overwhelming response from  the huge number of customers they receive each day--they are still on soft opening as of this writing as Yakikai Grill and Fusion Buffer Restaurant had just opened its doors to the public last December 11, 2019. Barely a month since their opening, they had been a word of mouth among foodies and samgyupsal enthusiasts. People come not only for finding a good value for their money, but also because they wanted to sample and experience what the buzz is all about. 

If you ask me. I think there are only a few not-so-pleasant things I've noticed about YakiKai Grill and Fusion Buffet. Number one is the very limited parking. Yes guys, if you happen to have cars, make sure that you come really early to have a guaranteed parking slot. Unfortunately, that area in Scout Lazcano isn't exactly a good place to find ample parking space. That had always been a problem in many food establishments in the same area so it's pretty much understandable but still it would be best if they had some place where they can usher more guests with vehicles. Number two, due to the limited seating capacity of the restaurant (they can accommodate around 150 pax at the same time), guests are required to either come in early or book in advance to make seat reservations. Number three, since the venue gets quite jampacked especially on weekends, the restaurant gets a bit hotter than you can expect. Chances are, you might also finish your meal smelling like barbecues. While the exhaust actually works, it might not be enough when all the grillers from the other tables would start grilling their own meats. 

Rib eye is one of the must try at YakiKai Fusion Buffet

Also due to a great volume of customers on any given day, the staff may have some difficult time giving in to certain requests like refilling a pitcher of water or refilling some banchan or barbecue set, but again, that's pretty much understandable especially when it's peak hours. It happens even to the best of restaurants. It is also advisable to come in huge groups because the receptionist would most likely prioritize big groups to further maximize the tables rather than groups of two or three. 

Oh and did I mentioned they have unlimited cheese too? Cheese lovers will surely have a grand time here. Galbi surrounded by a ring of melting cheese and corn could take you to food heaven. If that sounds good to you, you will surely love this YakiKai Grill and Buffet Fusion restaurant. They let you try multiple cuts in one go. As usual, banchan and stews go together so you can expect your meals to become complete when you eat them simultaneously. 


If it's your birthday, YakiKai Grill and Fusion Buffet Restaurant also has good news for you. Youcan choose to celebrate your special day for FREE--All you need to do is to bring SEVEN Adult paying friends when you dine on your birthday. Don't forget to bring an ID or any proof to show that it is indeed your birthday.


Those with sweet tooth would also be happy to note that YakiKai Grill and Fusion Buffet Restaurant offers delightful ice cream and sweet treats such as Melona (Php40), Enocho and Yomamte (Php50), Greek Yoghurt, Cookio, Samanco and Pangtoa (Php60 each) as well as Metacon, Pangpare and Ice Yakult (Php 70 each). Your tummies will surely be satiated with all these goodies which are perfect way to cap off your Japanese-Korean fusion meal here at Yakikai.

With regards to their overall taste, I'd have to say that the barbecue grills they offer surely gives one enough satisfaction. Imagine for a little less than Php500, you are able to enjoy best foods from two different cuisines, Korean and Japanese? You don't need to travel far to Korea and Japan to experience and sample their cuisines. You just need to come to Yakikai Grill and Fusion Buffet to enjoy all of these things under one roof. 

Must-tries are their fresh salmon, Jjampong soup and their beef steak of chuch eye roll. The ebi tempura is also worth mentioning. Your eyes will ogle out at the sight of these foods--you actually be having a hard time thinking how to start eating and where to start. I myself were so overwhelmed with the numerous food on top of our table. But they were all worth trying--everything was so worth it. Oh and by the way, I also love their take on their mussels. It tastes like sweet and salty and it's one of my favorites among the dishes served at the banchan buffet spread. I just hope you don't have any allergy to seafoods to be a le to maximize and enjoy these though. 

fresh salmon sashimi are also available

Overall, I highly recommend Yakikai Grill and Fusion Buffet Restaurant. Not only for its nice ambiance and good food but also for its good value for your money. This is so far the best Japanese and Korean buffet restaurants I've ever been to, because it's made to be very affordable so that more hardworking people can enjoy this fusion buffet restaurant as means to reward themselves for working so hard and also to unwind and relax as they bond with both family and friends while having a blast on the foods they share.

Come and visit Yakikai Grill and Fusion Buffet located at 122 Sct. Dr. Lazcano Street, Brgy. Sacred Heart, Quezon City
Call 0927-1383980.  0929-823-5452 for inquiries and reservations. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. 

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