Thursday, November 14, 2019

Skin Can Tell Relief and Repair Lotion Product Review

My skin is very important to me because it is my largest organ.

People who knew me personally can attest that I probably have one of the roughest dry hands you’ll ever touch. It’s been a problem for me since time immemorial the very reason why I hate holding other people’s hands during Sunday masses [when Catholics pray The Lord’s Prayer, we hold hands with strangers]. I tried using branded ones as well as unknown hand creams and skin lotions hoping my dry hands would be able to find something that would end my dry hands misery, but to no avail. That’s why I’m very fussy when it comes to the products I use as I hate anything that leaves you feeling greasy [as most lotion or hand creams would actually do], but at the same time, I want my dry hands to become moisturized without the greasy after feel.

I was recently given a product by my good friend Alma Rivera. She is a distributor of these products from this brand called Skin Can Tell. She said it was owned by a Filipina who works for ABS-CBN. Alma and I had crossed paths while we were both brainstormers for the said network’s concept development group way back in 2004. Anyway, going back to the product that Alma has been raving about, she gave me and my boyfriend, Jason sample mini tube sizes of Skin Can Tell Relief and Repair Lotion. The product claims to relieve stress and muscle aches, fights body acne problems and helps moisturize the skin. 

Skin Can Tell Relief and Repair Lotion in Mini Size (30ml)

Skin Can Tell Relief and Repair Lotion is said to be infused with a unique blend of Camphor, Dragon’s Blood and Witch Hazel extracts. I have previously used a product that has Witch Hazel on it and I’d have to say when it has that particular ingredient, it must actually do wonders for one’s skin. [Just talking here based on my own experience, okay? I’m no dermatologist though or claiming to be a skin expert.]

Skin Can Tell Relief and Repair Lotion Ingredients

Let’s get down with the nitty gritty details of my Skin Can Tell Repair and Relief Lotion Product Review:

Just to be honest with you guys, I never thought this small tube [only 30 ml] can actually deliver what it promises to be. The first thing I noticed was the smell—it reminds me of Katinko [a brand most Titas of Manila would be able to relate with] or anything that you could smell in spas or blind massage clinics. Maybe it’s because of its Camphor content. But the smell alone is relaxing and quite addicting. It is a bit minty but tolerable and doesn’t smell “matanda” [old].

Once you rub it into your skin, it just leaves your skin feeling soft and when used regularly soothes tired muscles and body areas that needed extra TLC. I have been using this on my feet then putting socks on when I go to bed and the dryness is kept away during this holiday season’s cold months. You see, I’ve always had a problem with both my hands and feet. My hands are extremely dry and my feet and leg aches almost every night. Perhaps because it had something to do with my weight. My feet carry me everywhere and I know if only it could talk, it would have given me much complain about how difficult it is to walk. However, when I started using Skin Can Tell Repair and Relief Lotion on my feet, I’m able to sleep soundly better without complaining about the ache on my feet or legs.

The cold holiday season has left my skin dry, flaky & rough. Well, it really was a good thing to discover an amazing product in Skin Can Tell Repair and Relief Lotion because it has certainly lived up to its claim of producing healthy, stress-free, soft & hydrated skin. It’s non greasy formula just drank into my skin & left it smooth & supple. Its scent wasn’t over powering & I felt it didn’t compete with my perfume’s fragrance. There are no harsh chemicals, you have a wonderful fresh aroma and leave your skin feeling so soft, but not oily or greasy. Highly recommend Skin Can Tell Lotion to all mummies. It is even safe to use by kids [under parent’s supervision], lactating and pregnant mothers too.

Like I said, I get very dry skin and this product from Skin Can Tell has definitely helped put moisture and calmness into my skin which lasts all day. I like that it’s not greasy and absorbs straight away. I will definitely recommend this small tube of lotion to Mommies on the go as well as to anyone who wants to alleviate stress on their everyday lives. I consider it a good buy because this is way a lot cheaper than going to a spa for a relaxing massage. Why go to one when you can simply apply and massage yourself using this calming lotion and getting almost the same benefit? It saves you time, effort of going to a spa and money as well. Best of all, it is very convenient to carry—it fits any pocket or kikay kit.

The only downside? I’m not sure yet if this product is already available in the market as this is currently being sold only by distributors like my friend Alma. That means leading drug stores and supermarkets do not have this awesome product yet. I wish one day they could sell it in such stores so that it would be easier for us consumers to make our purchase.

Skin Can Tell Repair and Relief Lotion is available in two sizes: Mini [Php120] and Classic Size at 100ml [sold at Php350]

Skin Can Tell also sells facial masks in two variants: Moisturizing and Anti-Acne mask and Hydrating and Whitening Mask

Anyway, if you’re interested to order and try these products [hey, don’t take my word for it, better try it for yourselves!], you can get in touch with my friend Alma Rivera through her KAlma Manila Facebook account.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

Note: Prices may change without prior notice. 

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