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Peach Boy Restaurant Mandaluyong Food Review

Peach Boy Restaurant facade photo by Rence Chan
I am someone who passionately believes in the ideology that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For one, I never leave home without having my breakfast because I won’t be having the energy I needed to last me through the day if I won’t be getting my dose of daily sustenance from my first meal. And to be honest about it, thinking of creative ways on what to eat for breakfast everyday may actually be draining as well. So when an opportunity to do a food review for an American-Asian inspired restaurant with an all-day breakfast concept called Peach Boy Restaurant comes up, I was certain this was something I’d count myself in. 

Peach Boy Restaurant interiors
For someone who could eat breakfast meals all day long, dining at Peach Boy Restaurant right in the heart of Mandaluyong City was indeed heaven for me. What is it about breakfast meals that I am so enamored into it? For one, you could bring in as many kinds of possible from all over the world. From its Asian-American fusion cuisines, it’ll be like having breakfasts from different countries all in one place. 

Peach Boy Restaurant is well-lit
Alright, I’ll admit, living in the metro may exactly be a culinary paradise, eating only breakfast food alone might be a bit of a far fetch. But, it’s pretty undeniable that breakfast food, in its entirety, is AWESOME. I mean just think about hot waffles, pancakes, bacon, eggs and sausages. Doesn’t that conjure up a wonderfully irresistible image in your mind?

The newly opened Peach Boy Restaurant promises to provide a unique dining experience that will keep guests coming back for more. Peach Boy aims to serve original and enticing food that’s also Instagram-able!  It’s varied menu ranges from Filipino breakfast staples to Hawaiian-Japanese fusion dishes to classic American sandwiches and pastries.

Peach Boy Restaurant's resident chef Sonny Mariano
Peach Boy offers quality gourmet food at very reasonable prices, all their breakfast foods are wholesome goodness that won’t make you walk away from the restaurant feeling like you’ve been ripped off. Instead, they’ll leave you positively stuffed and extremely satisfied at the end of your visit.

My friends and I recently checked out Peach Boy Restaurant and what I really appreciate is the personal space it gives its customers. Unlike other resto and coffee shops I used to frequent, this don’t have tables just literally inches away from each other, and Peach Boy understands this very need. With separate sections, there’s plenty of space for everyone to settle down and have a conversation that the next-door table won’t be able to eavesdrop on.

Crab and Cheesy Pockets
The servings are generous, eggs are cooked to perfection. And crispy French toast is, served just the way you’ll love it. You might want to share it with someone because it’s just so rich that one person might not be able to take this on alone.

Oh, and you won’t have to go far and travel all the way to Boracay Island if you want to try eating Chorizo Burger or Choriburger because they have it here. Served with fries on the side, sold at Php155 per order, it is a pretty solid steal to me. 
Peach Boy restaurant's Pork Belly Sandwich
If chorizo isn’t your thing, there’s Peach Pork Belly Sandwich which you could try as well. Served on a warm bun of bread, it’s one loaded meal on a bed of crisp fresh lettuce, complete with fries on the side. It’s sold at Php139 each, it might sound measly for its steep price, but trust me, you’d be willing to hand over all your money for this breakfast food.

Peach Boy's Adobo Rice Omelette

Peach Boy's Chicken Teriyaki
You may also want to try their unique and innovative take on the Filipino favorite Laing which they had incorporate with pesto and tinapa flakes on pasta. They call it Laing Pesto with Tinapa Flakes. Sold at Php138 per bowl, it comes with garlic bread on the side. Browsing on their menu, they have other innovative dishes for you to try: Spicy Bicol Express with Lechon Bits, Creamy Aligue with Shrimp, and Sweet Chicken with Spaghetti [I bet the kids will love this particular dish].

I am partial to their Chicken Teriyaki. It’s served with generous sauce and two cups of Java rice and coleslaw side salad. Peach Boy’s take on Chicken Barbecue also reminds me of Aristocrat’s chicken bbq which catapulted them to popularity back during the days. Too bad, they weren’t able to consistently do the same quality all through the years. And thank God for Peach Boy for coming up with almost the same [if not maybe even better] recipe of the said chicken bbq dish. 

Peach Boy's Buko Shake

Peach Boy's Choco Mint Milkshake

Peach Boy's Matcha Milkshake

Peach Boy's Laing Pesto Pasta with Tinapa Flakes
For large groups, Peach Boy has group platter too. Sink your teeth on their All Meat Platter composed of chicken teriyaki, chicken bbq, and ribs with mounds of Java rice and coleslaw and veggies served with dipping sauce. Groups can order from any of their three platters (All Meat, BBQ, and Surf & Turf) which also comes with their signature Peach Iced Tea. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, every moment will be more than just peachy at Peach Boy. The restaurant can accommodate parties, events, business meetings, or get-togethers with family and friends.

For the health conscious, worry not, they’ve also got something for you. There are three salad variants to choose from: Caesar Salad [Php125], Asian Shrimp Salad [Php135], and Peach Salad [Php135]. 

All meat Platter Group Meals from Peach Boy restaurant
Those with sweet tooth aren’t left behind too. Peach Boy has desserts and milkshakes to die for! Their Peach Cobbler was recommended but I’m not really fond of stewed fruits and warm desserts so it wasn’t much of a highlight for me. Nonetheless it was sweet and still pretty good!

Their Matcha Milkshake tastes great along with their Choco Mint Milkshake and Nutty Choco Milkshake. But if you like natural fruit based ones, they’ve got buko shake and watermelon shake to name some. 
Ube Lava Pancake from Peach Boy Restaurant

Instagrammable Ube Lava Pancake from Peach Boy
However, what had really gotten the attention of food enthusiasts especially those from Instagram nation was Peach Boy’s signature Ube Lava Pancake. They are the most perfect, prettiest and fluffiest pancakes I’ve ever seen. It is a Hawaiian inspired dish with its five layers of ube pancakes submerged in a fountain of ube halaya sauce. Make sure to take a video or photo while being served this Instagram worthy dish! It’s unconventionally conventional. 

Peach Cobbler from Peach Boy Restaurant

Me and my friends dine at Peach Boy Restaurant
Peach Boy Restaurant is a mecca of breakfast foods with an extensive menu that reflects their very own personality and enthusiasm. Come and visit them because they’re definitely worth the time and travel to Mandaluyong City. 

Peach Boy Restaurant is located at the G/F NORKIS Building, 11 Calbayog Cor. D.M. Guevara St. Barangay Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City

For reservations, please email or call (02) 533-6846.
Follow Peach Boy Restaurant on Facebook or Instagram (@peachboyph)
Find them on Zomato, Foodpanda, and GrabFood.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this blog post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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