Friday, July 6, 2018

Uni Writing Instruments opens The First Conservation Center at the Manila Ocean Park

Unbeknownst to many, the Philippines is one of the most gifted in terms of marine diversity with the number of species that one can see underwater. However, it is also very unfortunate to learn that the Philippines ranks as the third country with the most polluted oceans as we continue to contribute to the plastic dumped into the world’s oceans every year. All is not lost. There is still time to do something for the environment.  

Uni Ocean Conservation Center

Personally speaking, we are happy to note that companies and brands nowadays are becoming more and more aware of the environmental problem—and in their own little ways, they are doing something to help lessen or alleviate the problem. Leading coffee brands have started using reusable cups, metal sipping straws and bamboo made tumblers. Local government units have also made city ordinances that requires citizens to bring their own eco-friendly bags each time they shop. This initiative isn’t something new for Lupel Corporation, makers of renowned Uni Writing Instruments. “We’re proud to say that Uni ballpen and writing instruments is probably the first one that has come up with a product that’s made from 75% recycled materials,” said Lupel Corporation Vice President and General manager Mitch Pellicer.

Ms. Mich Pellicer, VP Lupel Corporation and General Manager

I have had the chance to attend the annual Ocean Cleanup Summit in Subic last year. From there, I was able to learn that even in our daily lives, if we truly have this concern and care for the environment, we'd be able to do our part in making sure that the future generations will still be able to marvel at the wonders that the ocean had to offer. This same mission enables both Lupel Corporation's Uni Writing Instruments and Manila Ocean Park to join hands and work together in doing their share to help preserve and protect the environment for the future generations. Thus, they have just launched the very first conservation center at the Manila ocean Park Super Toy Collection. The said project aims to teach young kids and those kids-at-heart the value of recycling and in how they can help Mother Earth.

Ms. Armi Cortes, VP Sales and Marketing Manila Ocean Park welcomes guests

Yes, there is still hope. Only if we all try to do something in our own little way about the global garbage cans now, perhaps we can still save some legacy for the future generations. Students learned that our way of living has a great impact on the global environmental issues such as global climate change, food and water sustainability, urban development and environmental conservation, importance  of the 4 R's "reduce, reuse, recycle and recover."

World-Class Uni Ballpens
Ocean trash is a serious pollution problem that affects the health of people, wildlife and local economies.  We've had personal experience in helping cleanup the ocean. In 2014, Purple Plum Fairy along with other bloggers also tried her hand in an environmental activity where we joined a coastal cleanup drive spearheaded by a brand of soda in Coastal Road. I remember we were literally exposed and baked under the debilitating heat of the sun morning. But everyone seemed to be in a high spirit as we shoved, picked, raked and gathered the mounds after mounds of trash from that coastal area. I've began to wonder what the place used to looked like some decades ago. 

Uni Ballpen also named their brand ambassadors, Regal FIlms' starlets Aila Wilson and Jay-R Ramos
It could've been a perfect place to watch the magnificent sunset that Manila Bay was known for. Sadly, the volunteers weren't enough to completely clean them up. The place actually resembles the old "Smokey Mountain". From used baby diapers to old bags filled with sands to shoes and styrofoam + plastics--name any trash that you can think about, the coastal seemed to have it. Of course, there were the occasional bad and stinking smell that wafted in the air when you're in mounds of garbage. But as volunteers, we didn't really mind. We were there to get muddy, dirty and to help in cleaning the mounds of garbage. We were sweltering under the sun, drenched in sweats but we were having fun.

Mr. Junichi Ho, Country Representative Mitsubishi Pencil Japan and an executive from Manila Ocean Park
Here are some of the sample artworks made from paper cups that kids can do with Uni Ballpens while at the Conservation Center: 

During the said launch, there was also an AVP shown which presented how we abuse our oceans with all the trash we've been throwing, from used pet bottles, containers and spoilages--we could've done something better as humans. Our oceans remain to be home for many incredible creatures that have been part of our lives ever since. And it is disheartening to know that because of all these plastic trash, the lives of our marine species are endangered. 

Uni Writing Instruments'executives pose for the ribbon cutting of the conservation center

Now, more children can become aware of the risk we've all been putting on our ocean. Thanks to the combined forces of Uni Writing Instruments and Manila Ocean Park for building a place for everyone to be taught early on the how to's of practical saving, recycling and upcycling as well. Hopefully, with one kid at a time, we'd all be able to make our oceans safe and clean once again. 

Come and visit the Conservation Center inside the Manila Ocean Park's Super Toy Collection area. Purchase Uni Writing Instrument's Posca Pens--a water-based paint marker for all surfaces which was made from 75% recycled products. Let's all do our part in making this world a better and safer place to live in for us all. 

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