Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Online Shopping Made Easy with Beautymnl

I have a confession to make: I always had this desire to shop online but was afraid to do so because of bogus sellers. Sometimes with an online store, it's very difficult to get the same quality of service than that in a physical retailer, but I was surprised to learn that there are e-shops that have managed to bring the shopping experience to the highest level. is one of those sites that I could really vouch for and recommend. 

So what are the advantages of ordering and buying online? It is through online shops that I get to see some of the most sought after imported brands that are not yet available in the country today. You also get the chance to get first dibs on a particular product or item way more than the others because you can already make reservations online. When I stumbled upon Beautymnl, an online site where beauty products I’ve been jonesing for are selling like hotcakes—I knew it was time to give online shopping a try. 

A fellow foodie and acquaintance, Steffi had warned me, “Shopping at Beautymnl can be addicting. I had to warn you about that.” After I had made my first purchase, I knew exactly what she was talking about.  Before I made my purchase, I made sure to read the fine print thoroughly so that I won’t be having problems in case there’s a need for me to return the items that I'll buy. For me, as a consumer, it is important to know that they are also after their consumer's welfare and satisfaction. 

So I had the best shopping experience after I made my first purchase at Beautymnl. I had ordered Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint. Yes, that Korean lip tint that has made waves when it was first introduced to the Philippine market. I've seen imitations of that product and had always wanted to get my hands on one--Beautymnl made it possible for me to have my very own Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint. One thing about Beautymnl, they guarantee and make sure that what they are selling are authentic ones and not merely imitations. So you can be assured that whatever it is you're paying, you're getting what you've paid for. 

Personalization and recommendation systems

Thanks to Beautymnl strategy, customers can view the latest offers of products and services online. The site has numerous personalization features with detailed product descriptions as well as how to use the products properly. I was surprised to receive not just an email but also an SMS (text) message on my iphone exactly a day or two days after I made my purchase informing me of the item's delivery.

As I see Beautymnl's strategic thinking is not limited to being just another sales channel. It goes beyond, always thinking about how to sell more and do better. It plays with the relationship between the ability to recommend consumers based on their buying behaviors, along with an easy to understand and user-friendly interface, has managed to optimize the necessary interactions to buy online in the most effective way.

Beautymnl's system to find products and categories through a search bar on the homepage is also worth mentioning. In the option to search by category or brands, it's easier for consumers to browse specific products that they are looking for. Each category has its own customized options to search and explore. And what's more to love about Beautymnl? They give not just promo discounts but free shipping as well. I got a free shipping by using the codes given on their Instagram ads. 


Help sections in online stores are also vital to improve the shopping experience as in these sections customers can see all the information about products available and the best ways to find them, the legal conditions, security policies, processing and payment options, etc. As a consumer, I'm glad Beautymnl has extensive help sections. 

Security and trust for clients

The handling process of orders in Beautymnl is very simple, which is quite positive. You just have to add the product to the cart by clicking the button “Add to cart”. Once you have finished selecting products, the order will be processed by pressing the button on the lower right hand. After placing the order, all transactions are done over a secure connection with a user code and password. This is a very important aspect, as online stores must be well identified with trusted certificates and payment gateways to facilitate purchases. In this sense, Beautymnl took a giant step when signing an agreement with Paypal or pay with your reliable Credit Card, which means a significant improvement in safety for clients, who can now pay their orders without having to share their bank account data. If you don't have a card or PayPal account, you can also opt for the COD (cash-on-delivery) mode of payment. 

Final delivery

Finally, a satisfactory shopping experience online is not complete if the product is not delivered properly. In the case of, the expected delivery times are met, with the added bonus of offering online tracking of the order’s status. The store also offers next day delivery options.

Final verdict:

Yes, I strongly agree with Steffi's comment on my Instagram account when she warned me about the possibility of addictive purchase at A few days after I received my first purchase, I bought two items again--a Laneige moisture travel kit and a Coffee Mint flavored lip balm. I had to stop for a while because I knew I had to upon realizing I bought three items in a single week. Of course, I had the intention to buy some more, but perhaps, some other time. 😜

So if you'd want to have the same experience of convenience online shopping especially if you're into beauty products and services as well as other health related items and goodies, check out But be warned okay, that online shopping here can be truly addictive. Have fun and enjoy!

Love + Light,

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