Friday, April 27, 2018

5 ways to travel better with MasterCard

Out of every story in the world, the best ones are found in between the pages of your passport. It’s another year to create those memorable experiences in new places, and Mastercard is here to enrich each trip by unlocking Priceless Experiences.

Find your destination—or let your destination find you. You won’t always know right off the bat where you want to go, so revisit the list of places you’ve always wanted to see and the things you’d like to do there. Are you feeling energized to explore a completely new destination or would you rather have a laid-back repeat getaway? Know your travel priorities and choose a place that excites you.

Fly on business class. Travel is a 360-degree experience, so how you fly plays a big part in making your journey exceptional. From priority check-in, seats that lie flat to ensure you’re well rested, designated places for your carry on and even shoes, a multi-course menu, an amenity kit, great in-flight entertainment, to a space all your own, flying on business class elevates your travel experience even before you get to your destination. Book an airline that flies direct to where your destination, and you’ll be able to fully maximize the perks. For instance, Philippine Airlines (PAL) has direct flights to destinations all over the world and was recently rated by Skytrax as a 4-Star airline for its consistent quality and excellent service.

Choose when it’s best for you to travel. When you travel is just as important as where you’re going. Will the weather be conducive for the activities you want to try out? Will it be the height of tourist season? Make the most of your trip by scheduling it at a time that works best for your itinerary. Mastercard has culled inspirational, culinary, cultural, and enriching experiences in many destinations around the world for cardholders, so be sure to check to find out what’s in store for you during the time you choose to travel.

Stay somewhere that brings out the best of your destination. The accommodations you choose also play a big role in enhancing your travel experience – embodying the vibe of the city or the hospitality of its people, referencing a place’s landscape, history or art. Whether you’re staying at a five-star resort or a charming, upscale boutique hotel, book a room that offers lovely sights just outside your window and the luxury of plush sheets after a long day of touring.

Invest in experiences. Traveling is about fueling your different passions, whether it’s discovering new flavors at a Michelin-starred restaurant, finding a memorable souvenir to decorate your home, getting the best seats to sold-out shows in the West End or Broadway, or going off the beaten path for a one-of-a-kind adventure. With Mastercard as your travel companion, you can gain access to exclusive experiences and rewards abroad.

With Mastercard, there is no shortage of ways to make travel better, and now the card of choice for your lifestyle needs is enriching your trips even more with the Priceless Experiences with Mastercard promotion. Get the chance to fly business class with PAL to London or New York and get VIP seating to the critically acclaimed, multi-awarded production Hamilton. You’ll also enjoy limousine airport transfers, luxury hotel accommodations, a welcome reception, a private city tour, and so much more with every $100 single receipt spend using your Philippine-issued Mastercard when traveling or shopping (including online merchants) overseas from April until June 30. For more details, visit

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