Monday, October 9, 2017

Nailaholics Celebrates the #NationalPamperingDay now on its 2nd Year

Nailaholics welcomes guests to their beach-themed nail salon

Embrace the tranquility of this hidden gem called Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa with exquisite beach-themed nail salon, skillful nail technicians and therapists plus an uplifting ambiance, you will experience a superb luxurious pampering treatment. It's a relaxing "me-time" without having to travel out of town. Once you're finished with your session, you'll be so reluctant to leave! 

Nailaholics has specialized in nails and spa treatments and has gained a large clientele ever since. Allow your stress to melt away, and your muscles to feel relieved, when the professionally trained therapists work their magic on the pressure points on your hands and feet.
The lovely interior of Nailaholics

Purple Plum Fairy recently experienced one of their best treatments called Vitamin Sea which consists of a manicure, pedicure and foot spa services. I noticed that Nailaholics is equipped with comfy chairs to enhance the serenity, with individual basins for feet washing, otoman for the treatment and beach-like ambiance for that chill vibe.

Nailaholics maintain that chill summer-y beach vibe
My treatment started with the usual warm foot soak where my tired feet finally had its much-deserved pampering because if it could only speak, I know it must've complain a lot for having to carry my heavy almost 200 pounds body weight. Nevertheless, it was relaxing as it calms my nerves. 
Nailaholics' warm foot soak

It wasn't my first time to visit Nailaholics in Gateway Mall branch in Cubao. The first time was roughly three years ago when my good friend Karen and I had some bonding before she left for Canada. Since then, I drop by Nailaholics whenever I can. 

A staff from Nailaholics buffs my digits
Since I became diabetic, I've always been very careful when I avail of nail salon treatments because a small cut can damage my nerve endings and could lead to something serious. I also make sure to inform whoever technician or therapist assigned to me of my condition, so they'd be extra careful too. 

Foot massage like these always make me feel happy. 

I also look forward to the kneading of my feet in several stress points during foot massages. They make me feel relaxed and happy. It's like lulling me to go to sleep. This time though, I had to fight my desire to sleep as we were about to watch a movie after the pampering session at Nailaholics. Their experienced therapists gives an array of different relaxing and pampering massages to benefit the immune system, blood circulation and energy levels.

O.P.I nail lacquer in nude

To polish my digits, I chose a nude palate this time around as I've always had purplish-violet-lavender hues. For a change, it's nice to try something new. 

Purple Plum Fairy's hands with the O.P.I. lacquer polish in nude

My feet looks great here. 

Nailaholics offers a full-line of professional manicure and pedicure, nail extensions and enhancements services in a comfortable setting for you to get pampered and polished, if only for a day. Let Nailaholics take good care of your nails and make it a special occasion for you. It’s a haven where ambience and expertise work together to enhance the beauty within you. Nailaholics distinguishes itself by bringing you a sanctuary equipped with full suite of services for waxing and nail makeovers. 

My Mom and Purple Plum Fairy

Purple Plum Fairy recently got herself some pampering treatments from Nailaholics in celebration of its National Pampering Day. Last year, Nailaholics also treated women to a nationwide celebration of relaxation via their #NationalPamperingDay. Guests were treated to a free stress relieving hand massage and a manicure service. This time, the National Pampering Day which is now on its second year, will be held on October 17 (mark that date guys!) from 10AM to 1PM at all Nailaholics branches nationwide. Nailaholics made sure to amped up their National Pampering Day as everyone will be treated this time with a choice of : a soothing manicure, alming foot spa or a relaxing foot massage. Yes, you have an option and it's for FREE!!! 

The reason why they're doing this? The people behind Nailaholics believe everyone deserves a break from their work. "Filipinos are very hardworking in any given aspect of our lives and a nation of energetic and industrious people best deserves real pampering once in a while. Nailaholics dedicate the 2nd National Pampering Day to everyone and remind them to take it slow, take it easy, zone out and relax for a while," said Arvin Amaro, Marketing Head of Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa. 

Purple Plum Fairy with her chosen beneficiary for the #NationalPamperingDay2017--PAWS

Nailaholics has partnered with the well-loved lacquer brand O.P.I. to accommodate more guests on the National Pampering day 2017. And guess what? The National Pampering Day will also be in support of three different advocacies where guests can choose which ones they'd like to give their support to, namely: World Vision, Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and Save Philippine Seas. 

O.P.I. lacquer brand

How to Avail Tickets to the #NationalPamperingDay:

Joining is so easy. If you want to experience Nailaholics with a Free manicure foot spa or foot massage then follow and like their Facebook page to know where you can claim your tickets and hope you get to join #NationalPamperingDay on October 17, 2017 from 10AM to 1PM at your favorite Nailaholics branch!

Mom and Purple Plum Fairy thanks Nailaholics for the pampering treatment

Again guys, mark the date: October 17, 2017 from 10AM to 1PM at your favorite Nailaholics branch. Don't forget to score tickets on the said branch (or on Nailaholics Official Facebook page) before going. 

See you there!

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