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Gangnam Wings at Megastrip: Bringing Korea's Authentic Fried Chicken 'Just the way It Should Be'

GangnamWings at SM Megamall Megastrip (near Building A) welcomes its guests with colorful facade

The messiest food craze to hit the Philippine shore has to be Gangnam Wings’ juiciest and tastiest spicy wings. Said to serve ‘how Korean fried chicken should be’, it has the most authentic tasting Korean fried chicken in town. Just make sure you get plenty of tissues and a box for the bones. And if you're ordering the spicy variant, don't forget to ask for milk, Yakult or a huge glass of water beside you to 'extinguish' the 'fire that will surely dance on your mouth.'

Gangnam Wings' Sweet and Spicy drizzled sauce chicken wings

It’s crisp, juicy, and in some cases so chilli-drenched you’ll be at risk of hallucinating. They even let you order chicken wings with different dipping sauces so you can try all the chicken variants in a single order.

They’ve been fried not just once, but at least twice and sometimes three times, and licking your fingers is perhaps the best part. Nope, it’s not KFC, but don’t be surprised to find yourself licking your fingers in between eating a mouthful of Gangnam Wings. 

Order them in bulk with three different dipping sauces so you can try everything in a single order!

Korean fried chicken swept the Philippine foodie scene by storm and its appeal has been unstoppable thanks to its liberal use of sugar, chili, and the signature twice-fried technique to produce its thin, crackly and almost transparent skin. So what do I love about Gangnam Wings? For one, they’re never  greasy, always delicious, the finger-licking becomes a second course, so it’s nice to know that it’s always served with plastic gloves and a bin of tissues.

Gangnam Wings even held a contest for foodies where they were challenged to finish off an entire 12 pieces wings in 5
minutes. Health writer George Nava True (middle, the guy in green) participated in the said challenge.

Korean fried chicken are welcome additions to already-popular Korean BBQ menus. Paired with a beer or Soju they’re known as Chi-Mc, short for chicken-beer in Korean, and the perfect meal for two with the countless banchan side dishes Korean restaurants are known for. Today, you’ll find Korean fried chicken in places far and wide, making this less of a craze and more a conquest. So how did it all begin? 

Here I am sharing with you a little trivia I have learned on how Korean fried chicken began:

The legend goes that US soldiers, on tour during the Korean War, wanted fried chicken for meals off-base and keen locals catered to their demand. When they left, they experimented with using different flours and starches to coat the chicken, brining the flesh to keep it juicy and frying it twice – like chips – to maximise crunch. 

They began tossing the just-cooked bird in the seedless chilli powder which forms the basis of Korean cooking – gochugaru – and gochujang, a fermented chilli paste. The high sugar content of the paste, combined with the heat of the wok, caramelised and made the chicken extra crisp. It was then only a short step to add other fresh ingredients like hot chilli, spring onions, rice cakes and peanuts for texture. 

Now, you’ll find endless variations, bone-in or boneless, and even dusted in powdered nacho cheese flavouring sometimes dubbed “snow leopard”. The world was waiting. Today, you’ll find Korean fried chicken outlets clustered anywhere there’s a decent student population or a deft Korean cook. 

Gangnam Wings are perfectly paired with a beer in hand or a glass of Watermelon Soju from Gangnam Wings

While their menu might seem similar to a typical Korean restaurant, Gangnam Wings is undoubtedly known for their Korean Fried Chicken. With a simple choice between four flavors of chicken, Gangnam Wings is a great introduction to those who want to expand their tastes beyond KFC and the gigantic slabs of Hot Star. Armed with a great selection of drinks, Gangnam Wings is the place to go to enjoy a platter of fried chicken, a jug of beer, and a bottle of soju with your friends. 

Cap off your meal with Mango flavored Bingsu

A good plate of wings is sure to hit the spot. And while the deep-fried, hot sauce-doused version is still the favorite among the chicken-wing eating public, there is plenty to do with a wing beyond the Buffalo thing. 

A hot bowl of Ramyeon

Budae Jigae was made loaded with meats, veggies on a stew soup

 Gangnam Wings offer some of Korean favourites on their menu staple (except for Samgyupsal), but their Bingsu and Gangnam Wings is still the restaurant's most popular items. They have recently revamped the entire menu. Now the restaurant offers a whole lot of Korean specialties like Ramyeon, Pajeon, and Budae Jigae (Army Stew), and we approve.

Sweet and savory Bulgogi Pajeon is one of the must-try at Gangnam Wings

Gangnam Wings’ Korean style wings come in four varieties: original, soy, sweet & spicy, fiery spicy. We like the hot & spicy the best with its tangy bite and subsequent surge of heat. 

Come and visit Gangnam Wings at the Megastrip, SM Megamall Building A of SM Megamall for an authentic Korean Chicken Wings that will surely drive you crazy over chicken wings and other Korean food fare. At Gangnam Wings, you'll be served the way authentic Korean fried chicken should be. 

Purple Plum Fairy with friends enjoy our authentic Korean fried chicken from Gangnam Wings

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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