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Swiss Family Film Festival: Free Movie Screenings for the Family at the Shang

As part of the celebration of the 60th year of good diplomatic relations between Switzerland and the Philippines, the Swiss Embassy Manila proudly presents the first ever Swiss Film Festival which will feature family-friendly quality Swiss films with English subtitles. It's another reason for movie buffs to be happy about. What's more, the Swiss Film Festival, just like other annual international film screenings will be held open and FREE to the public! 

Yes, you're reading this right. Shangri-La Plaza, the metro's lifestyle and shopping destination and the home of international film screenings, will once again be the venue and host on the upcoming first Swiss Film Festival in the country. 
Swiss Ambassador the the Philippines, Ms. Andrea Reichlin

In partnership with the Embassy of Switzerland and Shangri-La Plaza, the first ever Swiss Film Festival will be held for two consecutive weeks beginning from April 28 to 30, 2017 and from May 5 to 7, 2017 at the Shangri-la Mall's Cineplex Cinema 4. 

It will be featuring three of the best Swiss films with family-themed movies such as Heidi, the award-winning film Vitus and Rascals on the Road. Shangri-La Plaza and the Swiss embassy Manila presents these inspiring and timeless classic stories for kids and kids at heart to enjoy and be able to relate with.

Swiss Film Festival features Heidi

If you're a fan of the best selling 1880's classic novel Heidi written by Johanna Spyri, you'll be delighted to see the story come alive on screen (not just in animation), it'll surely be a joy for you to watch this film. Heidi is a story about a young orphan girl living with her grandfather Alm in the Alps. Heidi's Aunt Dete takes her away to Frankfurt to live in an upper-class household as the companion of wheelchair-bound child named Klara. With everything new and strange to her, Heidi becomes lonesome and longs for her grandfather's company which led to her homesickness and brought her back home to the mountains. Klara then comes to visit Heidi one summer which causes Heidi's friend Peter to become jealous. 

Heidi enjoys her life at the mountains with animals as friends

Rascals on the Road is based on a popular 1955 children's book by Swiss author Klaus Schadelin. It's the stor of four little rascals told through the eyes of 13-year-old Eugen. Eugen and his three friends go on a quest to follow the footsteps of "the biggest rascal of all time" Fritzli Buhler and the search for a long lost treasure. Their sudden disappearance leads to their parents to follow them and as the boys continue their rambunctious journey to Zurich, they begin to doubt if Fritzli Buhler even exists at all.

Mein Name is Eugen or Rascals on the Road is also one of the featured films for Swiss Film Festival

Rascals on the Road will be a hit among kids

The most serious amongst the film line up for the first ever Swiss Film Festival at the Shang would be Vitus. Vitus is a film about a 12-year-old piano prodigy whose parents tend to suffocate their only child as they tried to help and support him with his God-given talent. His parents have high ambitions for him but all Vitus wants is to live a normal life, just like any ordinary kid. He decided to rebel and chase his own dreams with the help of his eccentric grandfather who's obsessed into flying his own aircraft. Directed by Swiss director Fredi Murer, Vitus won Best Swiss Film of 2006 at the Swiss Film Awards. 

Vitus is a touching film for both kids and parents

Vitus is one of the featured films for the Swiss Film Festival

Catch these awesome Swiss featured films at the first ever Swiss Film Festival organized by Swiss Embassy Manila in partnership with Shangri-La Plaza, and Film Development Council of the Philippines.

So, save the date and enjoy the FREE MOVIE SCREENINGS! You know the drill guys, just line up at least 30 minutes before the show, and you're guaranteed with a seat. Seats are on a first come, first served basis. 

Swiss Film Festival Screening Schedule:

April 28    2:00PM HEIDI
FRIDAY    4:30PM Rascals on the Road
                 7:00PM Vitus

April 29      2:00PM Vitus
                   7:00PM Rascals on the Road

April 30      2:00PM Rascals on the Road
SUNDAY     4:30PM Vitus
                   7:00PM HEIDI

May 5         2:00PM Vitus
                   7:00PM Rascals on the Road

May 6         2:00PM Rascals on the Road
                   7:00PM HEIDI

May 7         2:00PM HEIDI
SUNDAY     4:30PM Rascals on the Road
                  7:00PM Vitus

See you at the movies guys!

For more information, call (02) 370-2500 local 593 or visit You may also get in touch with the Swiss Embassy Manila facebook page for more details. 

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