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My Keratin Hair Treatment at Serendipity Elite Salon & Wellness Center in Victoria Tower, Timog corner Panay Avenue, Quezon City

Serendipity Elite Salon is located at the Ground Floor of Victoria Tower in Timog corner Panay Avenue, QC

A few weeks ago I received a Keratin Treatment in time for my birthday. In all honesty, I’ve never been too concerned about my tresses as I had never paid attention on my hair. I went to visit Serendipity Elite Salon & Wellness Center located in Victoria Tower, Timog Avenue corner Panay Avenue, Quezon City. For a change, I decided to try some hair treatment instead of the usual haircut and hair coloring/highlights. I was surprised to see its dramatically different results. If you’re interested in trying out this treatment, I’m here to let you know how this Keratin Hair Treatment performed just as it claims and most importantly, how my frizzy hair was held up. And to remove any doubt from your mind, this article is an honest account of my experiences—nope, I wasn’t compensated for it. 

Spacious salon for your mane and tresses.

Comfy chairs for every guest

Facial Treatments are also available

Private massage rooms

Sterilized for customers' safety is their utmost concern

They make sure they are using sterilized tools for your safety.
Private make up room for those that seek privacy.

Posh spa for your bridal shower and pampering parties are also made available.

Private shower and bath for body scrub treatments etc.

They also offer other services such as massage, foot spa, nail art, eyebrow threading, eyelash perm (they have mink and real human lashes) among many others. There are also available eyelash serums. Eyelash serums are one of the beauty products in the market today. The influx of eyelash serums in stores that promise to strengthen and grow those tiny hairs. And you’ve probably seen the before-and-after pictures on Instagram and Amazon. But how do these serums really work, and are they safe to use so close to your precious eyes? Sure, there are plenty of temporary lash-lengthening options, like mascara and false eyelashes. But growing thick hairs naturally is the ideal option. Consider these side effects before trying Latisse

This is how my hair looks before the Keratin Treatment

Okay, I had to admit I wasn't exactly your 'kikay' type of person. I seldom brush my hair because I would always wear them swept up in a bun because I hate getting all the sweat from this tropical country (read: I can't stand the debilitating heat!). 

So they had my hair washed and shampooed even if I had just had my hair washed that day.

Then they had my hair parted in sections.

The Good
·  It really did eliminate EVERY bit of frizz. It was extremely effective, and was told it could last for a long time -- roughly from 3 to 6 months. I still have no frizz after one week.
·  My hair did not feel damaged. My hair was and still is extremely smooth and silky.
·  It protected my hair from dryness. My hair stayed healthy, shiny and smooth for the whole time.
·  It prevented breakage. After a few weeks and a lot of manipulation (I'm not gentle with my hair) my ends are still full and I have no split ends. And I have not experienced split ends or breakage since then.
·  In the beginning, it generally made styling easier: I was able to get of the shower and use no additional styling product, and my hair stayed frizz-free.
·  My treated hair is really strong and healthy.

These are the step-by-step Keratin Hair Treatment Products used on me.
They had blower my hair.
They put hair mask per hair sections.

Hair sections while putting on the hair mask treatment

The Bad

·  You cannot use any local shampoo or conditioner. I was told by the resident stylist that it will damage your hair and make your hair dry. This will vary depending on the strength of the treatment you choose, and of course it depends on your hair goals. If you enjoy using imported shampoo, you may see this as something positive. But for me I considered this as a big negative.
·  There is potential for heat damage because the product is sealed into your hair at very high temperatures. Be especially careful if you have fine hair like mine, because fine hair is more fragile and tends to be more vulnerable to damage from heat and chemicals.
·  It was easier to style at first, but as my hair grew out it became difficult to blend them in especially since my hair is a bit porous and damaged from breakage due to tying your hair while it’s still wet. 
You cannot tie your hair with a rubber band. This is something I had to get used to. It's quite difficult for me since I like keeping my hair up. Now, I can only do so using a plastic clamp. So it's time to say goodbye to ponies and scungies. 
·  SUCCESS DEPENDS ON YOUR STYLIST: The stylist must follow the guidelines and directions for application correctly. I liked this treatment the first time I got it because the treatment the stylist  gave me was adequately prepared. He mixed the solutions, even weighing them properly right before my very eyes which was something not usually done in any other salons I've been to. 

Flat iron per hair sections

My silky smooth straight hair after the keratin treatment

Before & After My Hair Keratin Treatment

With Serendipity Elite Salon & Wellness Spa owner Ms. Ricel Veneracion

Purple Plum Fairy says you should try any services/treatment from Serendipity Salon & Wellness Spa

My final thoughts

So, is hair keratin a "good" treatment? In general, yes I had a positive experience and it mostly fulfilled its promises. My advice is that you should be prepared and well-informed before you head into the salon for a chemical treatment, and find a stylist who is very knowledgable. 

What the treatment promises

·  Makes unruly, frizzy hair manageable” I say: Yes it does.
·  “Softens waves and smoothes the overall hair structure” I say: Yes, but be careful!
·  “Reduces the clients’ daily styling time significantly” I say: True.
·  The effects are supposed to last up from 3-6 months. I say: We will see if they will really last beyond that.

I think this treatment is excellent for curlies (or those with natural looking waves) who are looking for a considerable amount of frizz reduction or semi-permanent straight hair, who want to spend less time and money styling the hair on a daily basis, and who have no problems with potentially altering their curl pattern permanently.
 Note: This is just my personal experience with my dense, fine, hair, I don’t know how this treatment would react on other hair types, so I would recommend that you ask or read reviews by women who have your hair type (including porosity, density and width) before you go through with this. 
Serendipity Elite Salon is located at the Ground Floor Shoppes @ Victoria,
Victoria Towers, Timog Avenue cor. Panay Avenue, Quezon City. You may also call (02) 416-9272 , (0906) 5347322, (0942) 4882639. 
It is open from 10am- 9pm every day.
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Special thanks to Ms. Dyen Cordero Alano and Ms. Ricel Veneracion.
Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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