Tuesday, May 3, 2016

GStuff Stuffs Us with Everything Healthy and Helpful + Health and Wellness Talk with Ms. Gina Lopez

G stuff was created out of a desire to conserve the natural beauty of the Philippines while growing sustainable wealth and creating stability in local communities. By sending profits of the sales of premium Filipino products back into supporting local, social and environmental projects, GStuff aims to eradicate poverty, while protecting the natural environment. G Stuff's mission is to be a model of social entrepreneurship embodying the qualities of integrity, creativity, dynamism and social conscience at its best. This means when poverty is reduced, a community benefits. When we protect our natural environment, everyone benefits.

Owned by ABS-CBN Foundation Lingkod Kapamilya’s Chairman Gina Lopez, G Stuff offers a wide variety of health and wellness products! They range from Sun Blocks, Herbal Rubs and Lotions, Lip Balms, Natural Insect Repellants, Moringa-based products from Breath Sprays, Lip Care to Hydrating Lotions to , VCO Massage Oils and Oil Pulling Solutions, Essential Oils to Home Collection like Room Sprays and to gorgeous Abaca-Sinamay Roses, woven stool boxes, woven bags and clutches.  G Stuff also offers healthy food products like all-natural Coconut Flour, Kefir Spread, Duck Eggs, Gluten-free untreated Taro Chips, Volcanic Pili Nuts, the amazing Anvil Tsokolate Drink and Coffee with Malunggay, Healthy Oatmeal Cookies with Duck Eggs, and Healthy Gourmet Tuyo.

The G in G-Stuff is a play on G-Spot therefore these are goodies that hit your health and hoist it to a premium level. It also ushers to G of Gina Lopez, an advocate of health and wellness. Being a person who will never do anything to put anybody’s health in danger, GStuff gets to the three famous slogans:
Good for You
·         It's committed to promoting products that are good for your health, and to things that are Filipino. They’re made from the country’s natural resources.

Good for Communities
·         It pays fair trade prices for raw materials, and the profits go back to community projects, helping the micro-entrepreneurs in the provinces, for their businesses to thrive.

Good for the Environment
·         Profits go back to protecting the environment because G-Stuff uses products from sustainable farming.

GStuff is at the Powerplant Mall Rockwell, Alabang Town Center, and Trinoma. Visit our website at www.gstuff.ph, like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/gstuffph and Instagram at @gstuffph. Call 09175864530, 5005623, 5005587, 5005604, 4161828.

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