Sunday, April 24, 2016

Manage your weight the healthy way with BodyKey

Press release: 

Few people at any given time are at their optimal weight. Some are too thin, even more are overweight. Improper weight management can be the root cause of so many serious health issues. If you live a healthy lifestyle, you won’t be either underweight or overweight. It can be just that simple with the BodyKey Weight Management Program. Six factors have been specifically identified by NUTRILITE™ as areas that need to be managed to achieve a healthy lifestyle, and sustainable weight management. 

These are:

Activity – Regular exercise is an absolute imperative for optimal health, three days a week of moderate cardio-vascular exercise for half an hour a day is the bare minimum. 
·         Stress – If your job is inherently stressful, and you have additional stress factors at work, you need to work meaningful recreation time into schedule on a weekly basis.
·         Sleep – Experts are not unanimous on the optimal amount of sleep, but the general consensus is between 6 to 8 hours a day, no more and no less.  Furthermore, the best quality sleep occurs between 10pm to 2am. 
·         Meal Habits- The three square meals a day paradigm has long been debunked as the ideal habit among health gurus.  The new optimal is 5 light meals a day, evenly spaced, with the heaviest meals in the morning to early afternoon.

Mindset-  A healthy lifestyle isn’t something you can just want, you need to live it.  You need to be mindful of what you eat, and how much you eat.  You need to exercise, and to work exercise time into your schedule, and make it as non-negotiable as your other commitments.
·         Diet -  Your diet should be rich in fruits and vegetables, as varied and literally as colorful as possible.  Meat is allowable in moderate amounts, but fish is preferable.  Starchy carbs such as rice, bread and potatoes should also be taken in moderation.
Does this seem too much to take in?  BodyKey can help make it much easier. BodyKey is a holistic, personalized weight management solution from Amway.  It represents the merging of the latest science in nutrition through specially formulated dietary supplements and even meal replacement beverages, as well as in electronics, via the InBodyBAND.  It provides help in all six areas of lifestyle improvement and by extension weight management. 
BodyKey helps you track you progress to keep you motivated, it makes dietary recommendations,  it tracks not just your sleep, but even the quality of your sleep, it even informs you of how much exercise you have done, and still have to do. BodyKey is scientifically designed, easy to follow, easy to monitor and ultimately sustainable. 

Now, for a limited time, you and an ABO friend can try the BodyKey 60-day weight management challenge, for a chance to win an all-expenses paid, three-day, two-night stay at a luxury hotel.  Each team should be composed of two ABOs.  Prior to registration, each team member must complete the BodyKey Assessment Test via the BodyKey Mobile App. 

 The contest is simple:  Take the challenge, lose weight, and journey to unlocking a new you with BodyKey.  The team that shows the most dramatic results wins.  Other prizes include iPad minis for the winners (in addition to the grand prize), and iPod touch units for the first runners-up in Manila, Cagayan De Oro, Cebu and Davao.  NUTRILITE™ gift packs will be given to top performers bi-weekly and monthly. Registration will be from April 1, 2016 to April 30, 2016. 

For more details on the contest mechanics and criteria, go to:

NUTRILITE™ is exclusively distributed by Amway Philippines. 

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