Sunday, April 27, 2014

Contours: Fast, Safe and Effective Way to Get Rid of Stubborn Fats

A famous actress once quipped to a talk show host that she considered herself to be "thin/fat", a term used to describe a woman who looks thin in clothes, but actually has stubborn fat and cellulite. The actress got a huge laugh. But for millions of women, there's nothing funny about the dimpled fat on their thighs, buttocks, the jiggly flabby "bat wings", and the huge tummies that looked like jellies.  Contours' introduces the new FDA approved device/machine that offers a surgery-free body contouring treatment that can effectively and safely reduce unsightly fat deposits in both men and women.Contours' Laserfit is a dream procedure for anyone who is squeamish about surgery. Contours' Laserfit is a holistic approach o weight loss and body contouring. It is non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that involves the combination of full body cold laser exposure to melt fat, 10 minute power circuit workouts to easily burn fats and proper nutritional recommendations. The short, easy treatment can treat multiple areas like the abdomen, tummy, flanks and thighs. And it is so convenient that you can immediately go back to your daily routines right after. 

Dr. Claudine Roura explains how the Zerona machine (Laserfit) cold laser works.

Contours' Laserfit is based on a technological breakthrough using cold laser exposure called Zerona that releases fats from the body for three days. Daily 10 minute workouts are recommended to burn fat, trim down and lose weight. Following the treatment, the body's natural processes clear away the disrupted fat cells. The best part is you'll feel nothing at all, it's virtually painless! 

After only Four Sessions of Zerona Laserfit (before and after)

In the past, the only way to achieve dramatic improvement in body silhouette was by removing local fat deposits through painful liposuction or other more invasive surgical procedures. Those procedures, however, have major drawbacks and risks including infection, excessive pain, and bruising. "With Contours' Laserfit, you will begin to see improvement after the second session, you will notice your clothes getting lose, this is a clear indicator of fat loss," says Dr. Claudine S. Roura, President and Managing Director of Contours. 

Contours' Laserfit is the best cellulite zapper there is. But Contours also offers Ultimate Fat Blaster for those stubborn diet-resistant and exercise resistant areas, Body Tightening which is great for stretchmarks and post weight loss skin laxity. And of course, the Cellulite Buster to smoothen out those dimples. "I believe in offering my patients options, I am not against surgery but with Contours' Laserfit, I'm able to give my clients a choice: the choice between simple and fast laser exposure or an invasive procedure," shares Dr. Roura. The best part? Contours does have a guaranteed loss program or your money back! 

They even have a specific diet in case you'd want to level up your program.

For more information, log on to their website or email:

Contours Advance Face and Body Sculpting Institute has branches in the following areas: 
SM City North Edsa 5th Level, The Block (921-6798)
SM Megamall 5th level Building A (635-4984)
SM Paranaque 3rd Level (0906-5509873)

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