Sunday, July 14, 2013

Nestle Acti-V Yoghurt's Go Lounge Event with Ms. Cherie Gil

We were recently invited to Nestle Acti-V’s Go Lounge event held recently at the Romulo CafĂ© in Quezon City. It was indeed an afternoon filled with ‘me-time’ activities such as spa treatments from Toccare Spa (a choice of back massage with cold pebbles, foot massage with hot stone, hand massage, head and scalp massage or hand paraffin), a venue for creativity through the DIY corner (where guests had the chance to design their own canvas chiller bags), short films movie viewing (with super cozy and comfy bed + sleepover themed room) with truffle popcorns + Nestle Acti-V strawberry smoothie with Nestle Acti-V yoghurt and delicious and healthy buffet snacks to boot, and personalized Nestle Acti-V pillows to bring home.

Guests truly enjoyed the afternoon by unleashing their hidden creativity with the DIY chiller bags corner, had some bonding with fellow blogger and friends and caught up with endless chitchats among the blogosphere in between scoops of yummy  Nestle Acti-V yoghurt.
Fashion blogger Jen Maslang and lifestyle blogger Tin Romero designs their own chiller bags.

My Mom shows off her artwork.

My very own chiller bag.

The presence of Nestle Acti-V yoghurt endorser, multi-award winning actress Ms. Cherie Gil brought the house down as she shared how effective Nestle Acti-V yoghurt in her experience with constipation. Those in the audience were starstrucked by the thespian in Ms. Cherie. Although cast as a villain in most of her films, Ms. Cherie's such a nice person in real life. She's very accommodating to her fans, and even agreed for photo-ops with all the guests.
Ms. Cherie Gil tells how Nestle Acti-V helped her.

My very own personalized pillow.

We were also delighted to watch shortfilms such as the animated film La Luna, Post It Love, Signs and Paperman as we sipped fresh strawberry flavored Nestle Acti-V yoghurt smoothies paired with truffle oiled popcorns.
Fashion bloggers Karen Romero and Jen Maslang feels comfy at the bedroom setup.

Lifestyle blogger Tin Romero relaxes in style.
Nestle Acti-V Yoghurt Strawberry Smoothie.

Lucky bloggers also brought home special gift packs which they've won via an on-site Twitter hashtag contest.

The winners of the Twitter hashtag contest with Ms. Cherie Gil.

We were able to have fun, pamper ourselves amidst all the other stuff we were busy with, spent time with online blogger friends and met new ones, and best of all, we were able to learn how to keep constipation at bay with Nestle Acti-V yoghurt. It's the only yoghurt with fiber and billions of live microorganism that promotes regular bowel movement. I've learned to look at yoghurt differently after I went to this event.

For more info on my own Nestle Acti-V yoghurt experience, please visit my food blog,

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this blog post. Opinions expressed are my own.


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