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Uratex Plant Tour: A Peek Inside the Uratex Plant

A brand Filipinos had trusted for years.
 One could call it our lucky day, selected bloggers were invited to a Uratex Plant Tour in their Alabang, Muntinlupa. When bloggers were informed about the said trip, everyone became really excited. So when the day finally came, as always I had been the earliest one to arrive at the pickup point where the service coaster will bring us to the Uratex Factory.
The process starts with the use of this paper.
 It felt like we were children embarking on a field trip in a huge mattress factory. We were all pretty much eager to see what’s inside the factory and how the famous Filipino brand makes its Philippine-made foams. One could easily feel the adrenaline rush in everyone.
Mr. Dindo Medina of Uratex welcomes the bloggers to their plant.
 After a few briefing upon arrival, we were divided into two batches. As we toured the facility, I couldn’t help but be impressed. It’s spic and span, and in every corner you’ll see that it does have a strict high standard in both their quality product and discipline among its employees. No wonder it had amazing ISO standards of approval, not only in the Philippines but also it had passed international standards as well.
Uratex foams actually starts from a blue creamy liquid as shown here.

The Uratex employees had to follow a strict standard for quality control.
To be honest, prior to the said plant tour, I had no idea how Uratex foams are made. All I knew was that I sleep on its soft comfy foam each night. Little did I know how high-tech foam making is now until this tour. Foam making in the past had been difficult but Multiflex RNC Philippines of the RGC Foam Group, makers of the well-known Uratex foam, introduced and revolutionized foam making in the country and in South East Asia.  They installed and make use of new foaming equipment called “Hennecke.” This German-manufactured equipment is the best in the world. 
The machine is controlled by a Uratex employee at all times to ensure quality.

Backed by comprehensive research and development laboratory testing’s, Uratex was able to master the perfect formulations resulting to certain types of foams and they regularly conduct tests to ensure that the formulation meet the final product specifications. The foam passes through five different stages in order to produce high quality foams. From the research and development laboratory tests, to foaming process where formulation is finalized as it goes to 26 streams of different chemicals in a computer controlled metering pumps for precision. This high-tech machinery that creates a liquid into solid foam block and passes through the machine is complimented by a quality management system and ran by highly trained personnel. Then it goes through the curing area where 30-meter long blocks of foam are picked up by an overhead crane and transferred to a curing area. Foam undergoes an exothermic reaction where the center may reach up to 145-165 degrees Celsius within 20 to 30 minutes. The foam is eventually brought to the storage area where the production area where the block will be cut according to the desired sizes. And finally, the foam blocks are then cut into the customer’s requested size and “contoured” based on the type of product to be produced, be it a pillow, a mattress, or a car seat foam. Once cut and contoured, the product goes straight to packaging under strict quality standards, ready for delivery to the customer. 

The liquid then becomes flattened.

Voila! It turns into wet foam.

Processed in a huge machine...

Here you can see the Uratex foam being brought to the processing area.

See that huge crane that transfers the foam into another area?

Blogger Rain De Ocampo poses outside the Cooling Room.

Through the years, Uratex has significantly developed and had become responsive to the demands of its consumers, branching out to furniture, bedding, footwear, garment and automotive industries. This led them to manufacture coil and unit spring, flat woven and velvet fabrics for furniture upholstery. They had also innovated the use of fire-retardant foams, reticulated outdoor foam and fabric, memory foam, anti-bacterial and other specialized foams.
Bloggers seemed tired from all the tour but happy.
I personally liked that Uratex also had this high-tech machine that’s built to help you find the perfect bed mattress for you based on the pressure of your body. It helps to choose which mattress will you sleep more comfortably. My fellow bloggers beauty blogger Bec San Diego and advocacy blogger Ia Adam-Lim both tried the said machine.
The high-tech machine that tells you what type of bed is perfect for you.

This machine tells where your body's pressure is more focused on.
I was also surprised to learn that it is Uratex that is behind the microwavable containers brand Ready Wrap. Made from virgin plastic resin, these are high-quality packaging and multifunction disposable containers for home, business and travel use. Smartly designed, safe and hygienic, these products are perfect for storing, organizing, reheating, and serving food. These items are non-toxic, CFC-free and environment friendly. They’re very economical and helpful especially for Moms like us, great for our kids’ baon, picnics, and portable containers for every knick-knack there is.
A Uratex Ready Wrap factory worker inspects the products.

From white virgin plastic resin, these Ready Wraps are made.

Raw Virgin plastic resin

Ready Wrap microwaveable plastic are available in most stores like SM.
 Uratex also has monoblock chairs. These items are ergonomic, functional and stylish tables and chairs that are durable and versatile. I remember I bought Kyle his first set of study table and chairs from Uratex with cool child-friendly designs including Spongebob Squarepants, Disney Princess’, Cars, Toy Story Characters like Woody and Buzz among many others.
Therapoint pillows by Uratex
Foam animal cutouts

Cute cutouts of foam

Visit any Uratex Showroom near you and see for yourselves why it had become a household word for everyone and why it’s been a trusted name that had been synonymous to foam in the Philippines. Check out their latest designs and new products. I bet you won’t get out of their showroom empty-handed. There will always be something you’ll love to purchase.

For more information, Multiflex RNC Philippines Inc. is located at Km.23 east Service Road, South Superhighway, Bo. Cupang, Muntinlupa City.
842-6326 to 27, 8500-0784-91 or call the consumer Uratex hotline at 888-6800
Visit their website at

Purple Plum Fairy would like to thank Mr. Richard Mamuyac, AMPR’s Ms. Irish Santos, Mr. Dindo Medina of Uratex and all the Uratex people who welcomed the bloggers during the plant tour.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this blog post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


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