Thursday, October 27, 2011

Polecats Manila's Polarity Show: Truly Amazing!

 It was an invite I could not resist. My fellow blogger friend Darryl Dial Villena of had asked me if I wanted to watch a different kind of show that features pole dancers. And I’m not talking about any ordinary pole dancers here; I’m talking about the fast-rising group called Polecats.

Tickets and mementos from the Polarity show.
I had to admit, I’m not really into dancing. It’s probably not just my kind of art. Although I was told by my relatives that I had been a pretty good dancer when I was a kid, I figured it doesn’t seem to matter anymore as nobody would believe how lithe my body was when I was younger.

Right now, I’m more into virtual arts like photography and painting. So when an opportunity presents itself such as this case, where I could appreciate dancing as an art, I could not let this event pass, Darryl immediately got my nod.

The members of the Polecats Manila

To be completely honest, I had no idea what the show was all about. I mean, it felt kind of weird at first because pole dancing used to be only known for those that would want to see a sexy kind of show. But on Polecats first appearance on the Philamlife stage, I was instantly hooked!

Imagine pole dancers twirled, swayed, and pole danced on stage to the music of a 20-piece live orchestra, that included violins to the tune of Eraserheads’ El Bimbo? Yes, that was such an explosive number to start a show.

I am amazed that those women had made pole dancing as a form of exercise. Polecats had proven at that one-night only show that pole dance performances are no longer only for strip clubs and sleazy bars. The group even had male performers that night that also did pole dance numbers on their own.

Ms. Christina Dy, Founder and Director of Polecats Manila

As the orchestra played further classical style arrangements of both modern and mellow music, dancers of both genders swung and climbed gracefully up to 12 foot poles on stage, showing their flexibility, strength and moves bordering acrobatics with sensuality.

Here's a video I had taken from Polarity show. Just to give you a glimpse of what happened during the show:

Before the show started, Ms. Christina Dy, Polecats Director and Founder was interviewed by members of the media, “I would like people to see that we’re really good at what we do and not just sexy. Our routine involves swings and twirls need balance, coordination and technical skills. What we do is really hard, but we’re doing it for art and athleticism.”

Polecats employed the help of fast-strutting practitioner of Parkour—a movement method of French origin involving running, jumping, vaulting and rolling around obstacles—to introduce the more acrobatic type of routines in pole dancing that would be more suited for men. Polecats expects more male recruits in the coming days as soon as lessons are in
full swing.

Art lovers and dance enthusiasts were present in Polecats’ Polarity show. Darryl and I were able to see University of the Philippines professor and part-time on-cam talent Ramon Bautista and director Lyle Sacris as part of the audience.

After the show, I no longer ask why pole dancing is such an instant hit. I may not be able to do it, but seeing the difficult routines those Polecats members had to go through, I know that it not only entails discipline but also love and dedication to pole dancing. The show is truly an eye-opener for me. It had changed the way I look at pole dancing and I learned to appreciate it more than ever. I only had two words for it: truly amazing!

To learn more about Polecats Manila, Like them of Facebook at and follow them on Twitter at . Learn pole dancing from the country’s premiere pole dancing group by sending them an email at

Purple Plum Fairy thanks Darryl Dial-Villena for the tickets. 



  1. Great post Vance, love the way you deliver it. So are you up for some pole dancin' session? :)

  2. nice post vance...happy weekend :)


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