Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Celebrating Health the Genuine Thermos Way at Rustan's Shangri-La Plaza

Brand Manager King Del Rosario talks about Genuine Thermos Brand.

Genuine Thermos Brand hosted two different events for 2 days held last July 30 and 31, 2011 at the Grand Atrium, Shangri-la Plaza. Both affairs had showcased the complete Thermos product line. 

The first day had Cooking for Health as the theme and there was recipe presentation that featured the awesome set of Thermos Premium Stainless Cookware.  I said awesome because they’ve got everything you’ll ever need in the kitchen: woks, frying pans, sauce pans, shuttle chefs and casseroles. And mind you, these aren’t any ordinary pans for they are made of excellent quality and functionality plus since it had the Thermos brand on its name, you can be assured that it’s made from the finest materials. 

Every Thermos Premium Stainless Cookware has a 5 Layer Cookware. They are technically designed to provide heat circulation, proper heat storage and quick and even distribution throughout the cooking process. The top and last layer’s made of 18/10 High Quality Stainless Steel. The other layers had a high heat conducting Aluminum Alloy.
Event Host Marylaine Viernes and Chef Nino Laus.

Chef Ninyo Laus of Ninyo Fusion Cuisine (Esteban Abada, QC), Blue Onion (Libis) and Robot (Makati) shared some of his secret recipes and cooking techniques using Thermos Premium Stainless Steel Cookware. Do watch these videos.

Blogger Marjorie Pineda won a Thermos Wok.

During breaks, there were some games where the Thermos team gave away 5 sets of Thermos Premium Stainless Cookware to lucky winners. Cravings had also served some finger foods and cocktails. At the end of the program, they also gave away Thermos Travel Mug sets to the Rustan’s Frequent shoppers card holder members, media and blogger guests. 

The second day was a little different in a way because there were some kids in the audience. Growing Up Healthy was the theme with Dr. Corazon Carly-Santiago as the main speaker. The seminar had tackled on how to help picky eaters, proper food storage and handling, and how to prevent food diseases.
Colorful cute Foogo thermos for your little ones.

A wide variety of Thermos for everyone's needs.

Dr. Corazon Carly-Santiago gave a talk on Growing Up Healthy

Thermos had also showcased their kid-friendly Thermos Foogo in really cute colors and Funtainers. So what’s the best thing about them? Mommies will be glad to know that Foogo and Funtainers are really created with children in mind, so they are all BPA-Free. Having those colorful items can truly make the youngsters eat their food with gusto. 

There was some Q & A, with some lucky kids getting Foogo thermos as prizes. Too bad, my Kyle was a bit shy to raise his hand to answer that’s why his name hadn’t been called. He got a Thermos Travel Mug instead which he said he would gladly exchange for a Foogo Thermos with straw that was given away to the winners. Well, we know how kids are—they’re quite difficult to convince especially since he saw how attractive Foogo Thermos are. In the end, he was  happy with his travel mug but he's still keen on buying that blue Foogo thermos bottle. But that's another story...

Mariah Beatrize Pineda, 11, proudly displays the Foogo Straw Bottle she had won from the event's Q & A.

Celebrating Health is in partnership with Genuine Thermos Brand, Rustan's and Shangri-La Plaza.

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Purple Plum Fairy thanks Thermos Philippines, Mr. King Del Rosario, Ms. Czarrah Jarapa and Mhel Ignacio for the invites.


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