Thursday, April 7, 2011

Samsung Smart TV: A viewing experience like no other!

I remember my mother used to tell me a story that during her childhood years, they had no television and had to content themselves by watching their favorite TV shows through their neighbor’s window. To stop them from peeking through someone’s window, their parents bought a simple 14 inches, black-and-white TV that they got second hand. A few years later, they were finally able to afford a colored TV with doors on them—which their parents would lock during weekdays and they would only be allowed to watch on weekends. But Mom would vividly recall how happy her siblings were. That was how difficult life had been for my ancestors back in the old days.
Oh, boy! I was so glad to have been born at the time where gadgets and gizmos abound. I could imagine if my mother’s families back then were to have the latest Samsung Smart TV now. I’m pretty sure they would be filled with awe and fascination and it would probably leave them all dumbfounded.  There’s truly a lot of stuff one can do with a Samsung Smart TV. It isn’t your ordinary television set in the first place.  It brings the meaning of entertainment and viewing experience to a higher level.

What can one do with a Samsung Smart TV? I’ll give you the reasons why I would love to have one. Let me count the ways:
I would say it was love-at-first-sight. Visually, I find it so appealing.
  • I am totally in love with Samsung Smart TV’s sophisticated and elegant look. Its slim bezel design creates virtually edgeless pictures. The classy swivel stand allows one to rotate to the angle viewing you want.
  • Samsung Smart TV’s ultra clear panel enhances the color, contrast as well as all the other details to give an excellent viewing experience like no other.
  • This smart TV has a feature of clear motion with its 240Hz motion rate making each viewing smooth and flawless in every frame.  It even has a unique backlight technology combining the proprietary algorithms to lower the response time and doing so would mean a higher clear motion is produced.
  • With Samsung Smart TV’s ultra clear panel, regardless if you are viewing premium quality 2D pictures or seeing incredible 3D, images are turned into astonishing quality with Samsung Full HD.
  •    Say bye-bye to blurring with its clear, precise TV experience. Plus, it has the Digital Noise Filter feature making sure it has everything you ever wanted in High definition resolution plasma TV.

I have not yet discussed its amazing specs and features. You’ll be the envy of your friends with your Samsung Smart TV. Their jaw will surely drop with all its features and so much more. Here’s why:

     · Samsung Smart TV enables one to easily access photos, music, and videos on its TV screen.
·      I love the thousands of cool Samsung Apps you can use it with.
·      I absolutely love that it keeps me in the loop by organizing all the invites, pokes, tweets and posts from my social networking sites in one user-friendly TV screen.
·      Yes, it also has a built-in WiFi that means one can easily connect it to the Internet. Files from my laptop, computer, digital camera, video camera, and mobile phones can all be connected on the Smart Samsung TV for easy viewing.
·      I could also use the Samsung Smart TV to communicate with family and friends abroad using Skype and make a video call on a high definition resolution saying goodbye to blurred video calls.
·      Samsung Smart TV also has a unique Eco sensor that can measure the intensity of the room’s light and calibrates the brightness of the image on screen automatically. Thus, it saves energy consumption on its own. It saves one from a high monthly electricity bill.

·      With Samsung Smart TV, one can easily navigate and search digital and interactive contents as well as our favorite channels with the help of Samsung Smart TV apps and WiFi Internet connection. Samsung Smart TV has Anynet+. It replaces your ordinary remote. Anynet+ has a one-touch control device and the Qwerty remote function  gives one an experience like no other. The remote gives unique functionality like Qwerty keyboard and therefore makes using the Samsung Smart TV a breeze. This innovation enables any user to navigate flawlessly. 
·      I’m a self-confessed movie addict and I would love to have movie marathons with family and friends. We’d probably start off with my nephew’s all-time favorite flick of all time—Jurassic Park. And with Samsung Smart TV, I’d surely be seeing those dinosaurs come to life on screen. And it’ll definitely bring the house down as we brace ourselves for its superior picture, breathtaking visuals and digital sound. Bringing what you see on mere boob tube closer to reality.     If family and friends aren’t up for a movie, we could also have endless Videoke Sessions. We’d no longer need to hire for videoke machines that had low quality pictures and sounds. I come from a family of singers although I’m the only one not really into it. Music hates me. But owning a Samsung Smart TV might help me in that department. With its quality HD picture and sound, I’d definitely give singing a try.  After all, practice makes perfect.
·      My nephew Kyle and I would be playing against each other using our game console. It promises a great bonding time for the two of us.
·      My family and I would be watching our travel videos on LED. I could imagine the room would be filled with jokes, silly banters and lots of laughter.
·      I’d also want to share Samsung Smart TV with my community to help us with the activities organized by Kawan ni San Miguel Arkanghel such as the street masses, prayer vigils and film showing. It would be nice to share such excellent innovation with the entire community.
·      Samsung Smart TV had amazing awesome features and innovations called Human Digitalism” thereby making Samsung listed as the number one in global technology.

  I guess I can consider myself lucky for being born in the high-tech era.  I wouldn’t need to peek through a neighbor’s window to watch TV anymore. With a Samsung Smart TV, it’s going to be the other way around this time. Our neighbors would probably try to peek into our window and be enthralled by it—but I’d let them in. An impressive digital viewing experience with Samsung Smart TV must be shared with everyone.

Enjoy your Samsung Smart TV experience!


  1. Wow great sis! you made it, =)
    Lots of luck!

  2. the Samsung Smart TV boasts of enhanced features that like no other TV system has!

    thanks for sharing


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