Monday, January 10, 2011

I thank God for Facebook

Jennifer Mesina and Moi...

2010 had been a pretty good year for me. I thank God for Facebook as I've been able to trace and finally reconnect with old time friends of mine, friends i have loved and cherished since grade school. I thought I would never see them again. 

In January, I had the chance to meet with Jennifer Bucsit-Mesina when she went home from the US and we managed to have a small get-together with former neighbors and childhood friends, Grace Ramos-Arevalo and Helen Pagulayan-Norcio. It was nice seeing all of us together after more than a decade. 

Moi, Helen, Grace and Jhing.

In October, I had a chance to meet up with another grace school friend, Rona Apostol. She was the same warm Rona that I knew from way back, with some distinct variations. For one, she now sports longer hair and sometimes speaks with an American twang, an indication of her long stay in the US. Too bad, I had not had the chance to bid her goodbye because I've gotten sick during her stay in the Philippines. 
With good friend Rona Apostol

As if that wasn't enough, another childhood friend Marisol Peralta also came home in December of 2010. We had the chance to organize a small gathering of friends and teachers close to our hearts. It was some sort of a reunion through Marisol's initiative. I had been lucky to see old friends like Fritziefil Tagalog a.k.a. Ching Del Rosario,, Joy Olaivar-Almazan, and Joanne Tuanquin.

The rest of the gang with Mrs. Martinez.

What's more? I even made new friends in Mrs. Mila Martinez, Mrs. Villareal, Eric -Fritzi's beloved and Richard mark Soliven a.k.a. Don Soliven. It really felt good seeing all of us bond together. It's just like the old times except that we've pretty much matured not just in the way we look but also in wisdom. I had had a lot of fun that night that how I wish it never ended. But I know I could not perpetuate the moment. Doing so would mean not moving forward and seeing the bright future. As the calendar turns its last page, there lies a new beginning.
Marisol still had that smile, check out our Grade 3 class pic, and see what I mean...

Pretty Fritzie after all these years...

With Joy Olaivar-Almazan

Soon, Fritzi's about to give birth to another bundle of joy. Joanne and Rona would hopefully find the right guy for them, Joy and hubby will soon have their own baby, Mrs. Martinez' and Mrs. Villareal's health will be even better, Marisol will walk down the aisle--and for me, to hopefully wishing in all stars to lose weight.

I wish I could see more of my other friends like Nina Jeremiah Kaiser, Luningning Tecson -we all wonder where is she now?, Dorothy May Bernardo, Patricia Anne Fuedan, Anna Mae Adra, Oliver Cabitac, Allan Delon Reyes, Karen Bernal, Mary Jo Valenzuela, Ruth Garcia, Sheryl Custodio etc...

Looking forward for a new year...hopefully seeing all of you again in the next few years...God bless everyone!



  1. Hi vance...its really nice to reconnect with friends and family that you haven't gotten in touch for a long time..
    just followed this blog, hope you visit mine too

  2. hey there sis, i would like to give you the stylish blogger award, here's the details:

    have a great week ahead:) congrats!


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