Thursday, November 26, 2020

Doc Paolo Bellosillo epitomizes the Filipino Resilience


Doc Paolo Bellosillo

Most people say it is during the most trying times in someone's life that true character is revealed. It is during these times when we are being tested to our limits and what we make of ourselves are the ones that unleash our true selves. Doc Paolo Bellosillo has been helping people because it is part of what he had embraced early in life. In fact, he learned and studied naturopathy with the same vision. So it is but natural for him to lend a hand especially during these crucial times of pandemic. He has proven to be a model citizen with his charitable acts of service. 

An international specialist of St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital, Doc Pao was proclaimed Most Outstanding Private Citizen by the Philippine National Police. Bellisillo clearly epitomizes the true Filipino resiliency. He did not allow the pandemic to prohibit him from touching people's lives and making a difference by helping his fellowmen. 

Indefatigable Doc Bellosillo tried to aid those who are in dire need and showed his utmost support towards the frontliners. He chose to stay out in the field so that the others can stay home safely. 

This Yuletide season may be a bit different for all of us. With the year 2020 coming to an end, we have had a huge battle from various calamities--the time the Taal volcano has erupted, to the super typhoons Rolly and Ulysses, earthquakes, and the ongoing pandemic that has affected us all--this whole country has survived together and moved forward in solidarity as one nation.

Doc Paolo Bellosillo with the PNP

Doc Bellosillo is grateful that we have the Filipino spirit within us all. We have remained steadfast and with a positive outlook despite everything that has happened. We are a loving race with much charity, love, and compassion towards humanity.  

Doc Bellosillo will continue to share his blessings to others especially during the so-called season of joy to further uplift his fellow Pinoys. He will continue to be a blessing to others so that the spirit of Christmas continues to live in the hearts of many. To Doc Bellosillo, Mabuhay po kayo!

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