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Travel Asia Mini-Series Book by Paula Cabildo Book Review


Paula Cabildo's first published book Travel Asia Mini-Series

Reading about a certain place gives context to the place you are visiting and helps make everything have logical sense. Reading about one particular country's rich historical culture and background somehow gives framework and structure and it makes perfect sense which also gives one a bird's eye view on what you can expect when you actually come for a visit in that country. If there was one piece of advice I have for the young ones today, then I'd have to say that they must experience the joy in life when they get to see and expore the world and be able to travel more. When one sets an adventure, it is a journey to a place you've never gone before and with an open mind, it will let life show you what opportunities have long been waiting for you that you couldn't have even imagined before. It's always best to travel while you're young, fearless and had all the zest in life. That's why, when I came across Paula Cabildo's first ever published book entitled Travel Asia Mini Series, published by Ukiyoto Publishing and can also be available online thru amazon.com, I knew I was in for a personal & guided tour by Paula Cabildo herself across the four countries she visited in Asia. 

Travel Asia Mini-Series by blogger Paula Cabildo

As we all miss to go out and travel these days, I think the safest thing to do if you’ve been missing to travel is to read travel books such as this one from one of my favorite bloggers, @paulapinkikay. Also known by her real name as Paula Cabildo, she recently published a compilation of her many travels in Asia where she has shared her wonderful experiences as well as personal reflections and thoughts, thereby baring her soul on her very first book. Reading her book, Travel Asia Mini Series, Cabildo brought me to places I never knew I’d be interested to visit someday soon (when all the borders have opened and it’ll be safe to fly again). It felt like having a personal tourist guide or accompanied by a friend on your tour in four different Asian countries. Cabildo will make you feel as if you were there with her in person upon reading her book. So be prepared to imagine and unleash the wanderlust in you!

I had no idea that there's an actual place in the Bicol region called Capalonga. If it wasn't for Cabildo's book, I might not have heard of the place. And Cabildo was right, while almost everyone's familiar with Calaguas, you have Capalonga's beautiful secret beaches all to yourself. I could imagine Cabildo as she communed with nature. Aaah, such a good life indeed! The best part? They're really affordable. You don't have to burn your pockets to indulge in vitamin sea. With the pristine sand and emerald sea, there's nothing like being on a hammock and lazily reading a good book in hand while you're getting some tan in any of the Capalonga secret beaches waiting to be discovered as described well by Cabildo in her book. 

Cabildo began her travel journey in her own country but she made sure to stop by in other Asian countries. Her next destination was Siem Reap. While I may have heard other wonderful things about Cambodia, Cabildo cited 8 must-visit and must-try-to-do-things in Cambodia. She even gave us a tip where we could visit Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie (who played the heroine Lara Croft in the movie The Tomb Raider, shot in Ta Phrom) favorite bar where the Tomb Raider cocktail drink is being served. For the adventurous, Cabildo also guided us where we can try aphrodisiacs and exotic foods such as tarantula, crickets, snake and scorpions. She also gave us tips on where to haggle for shopping. For artsy people, you can try your hand in pottery at Khmer Ceramic Fine Art Centre. What I loved the most, Cabildo even shared on how you can do charity work while you're traveling in Cambodia. 

Of course, when we speak of Asian countries, Bali, Indonesia won't be left behind. Cabildo even gave samples of itineraries where one can fully maximize their visit in Bali, Indonesia. As if it wasn't enough, Cabildo also cited Instagram worthy places in Malaysia. She had shown us that there's definitely more to Malaysia than just its famous landmark, the Petronas Towers. 

My favorite part of her book was when she visited The Batu Caves. I haven't been to this place but my friend Norma had been telling me stories about this popular landmark made of limestones. Cabildo made me feel as if she was a friend who also served as my traveling companion as I read the pages of her book. 

I had been "itching" to travel but I know it will take sometime before the borders will reopen where it will be safe enough to travel again. So for now, I allow myself to wander even through book reading alone. And there's no better place to start but in Asia, with Paula Cabildo's Travel Asia Mini-Series book. 

Please get a copy of her book now, it’s surely an interesting book to read and reflect upon especially during these trying times (since it’s pandemic). Click here to purchase a copy. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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