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My Green Archers shirt from Coolegit Clothing
When I was in college, I was not at all interested in wearing my institution’s tees, sweatshirts or even owning a college ring. It wasn’t that I didn’t like my school, but there just seemed something cheap about wearing my generic college tee when it wasn’t game day (Of course, I need not explain the thrill that each UAAP season brings). Having gone to a big university that was obsessed with college sports (especially with basketball and our never-ending rivalry against the Ateneo Blue Eagles), maybe it was my own form of personal rebellion – wanting to stand out amidst my classmates. But looking back I feel a bit ashamed I don’t have a single hoodie or tee to my name after spending years at La Salle. So in my bout of nostalgia, I bring you three reasons why you should (proudly!) invest in college merch, particularly the ones being sold by Coolegit Clothing

I never liked being photographed. But for my alma mater, Purple Plum Fairy here shows how to rock in your alma mater shirt.
I’ll give you three good reasons why you should get and wear a college shirt: 

Everyone LOVES their alma mater. 

There’s a reason why “where did you go to school?” continues to be one of the mostly widely used ice breakers of all time. Whether you believe it or not, where you go to school has a lot of influence on your life during and after college. I’ve used my alumni network to find jobs, connect with old friends, learn something new or find comfort when feeling a bit homesick. It’s crazy how running into someone from your college can boost your spirits, rouse up old stories or just bring back a sense of familiarity that we all miss. For this reason, I’ll throw on an old college tee on a Saturday while shopping, etc. and I’m always surprised by who I’ll meet just because my shirt says “Archers.”

Purple Plum Fairy is shown here with her La Salle shirt.

There will be more acceptable opportunities in your life to wear college gear than you think. 
Yes, it’s hard to imagine a time where you’ll wear your college hoodie outside of tailgates and game days, but you will. In nearly every workplace I’ve been at, HR has hosted an alma mater day or sports day where it’s acceptable to forego business casual for your favorite sports shirt. Then there’s the sports bars, theme parties and social gatherings you’ll go to, all of which at some point will include you wearing an old college tee. Plus, at some point you will end up going back to one of your college’s sporting events, and there’s no better feeling than coming back to campus and wearing a shirt you bought when you went there. There’s sentimental value. And what about down the road, when you’ll want to pass that valuable merch onto kids, nieces, nephews, etc. who will ultimately think your “vintage” college gear is cool?

With more fashionable options than ever, why not? 
When I first started college way back in the late 90’s (Ouch, okay I get it, I’m that old!), I had about zero fashionable college options. There were boxy shirts, but none of those fit into my wardrobe at the time (nor do they now). In fact, it’s probably why 3/4 of the college shirts I own were freebies from campus groups or organizations (at the time I had practically no other choice but to wear them). But now there are SO many options, especially the really cool ones from Coolegit Clothing. From fitted and featherweight tees and vintage prints/styles to supersoft hoodies, pullovers and zip up jackets that don’t look like they were made for a demographic ages 18-65, you can look cool in college gear. If you can’t find it at your bookstore, LMGTFY. The internet as well as social media pages and accounts has a wide array of gear and it’s all a click away.

Picking the perfect college/university shirt is actually a hard decision to make. With so many different options for collegiate shirts out there, choosing the one that best fit your standards can surprisingly be a difficult decision. Some of the aspects to consider are fabric quality, t-shirt fit, sizing and available colors. 

So what made me decide to go for Coolegit Clothing? Here are 4 of my top reasons: 


Coolegit Clothing provides a fairly thick quality t-shirt in comparison to the many shirts I have worn in the past. They also have a wide variety of designs as well as colleges and universities  to choose from. The most popular and best sellers are shirts from the top universities in the country today. They’ve got college shirts and other merch from Letran, UST, La Salle, FEU, among many others. From very basic shirts to baseball caps and keychains, they’ve got it all covered. 

FIT & Design:

Being overweight on and a plus size makes it more difficult for me to find shirts that fit my body size. But Coolegit Clothing has fashionable university shirts that's not only uber comfortable but also trendy in style as well. 


Coolegit Clothing has a pretty wide range of sizes available for all of their t-shirts. Most of the sizes range from small to double XL. Some shirts are made with preshrunk cotton so that is always one thing to consider. 


The available colors for Coolegit Clothing are fairly average. Some shirt designs offer a wider range of colors than others, but they tend to stay on the dark side. They cover all of the basics such as black, white and gray without a problem. They do however have some unusual color choices depending on the alma mater’s popular colors. 

Purple Plum Fairy shows off her green shirt from Coolegit Clothing. 

When it comes to school spirit, it's go big or go home. I may be 13.5 kilometers away from my alma mater, but you can still find me cheering on my Archers shirt from Coolegit Clothing at one of the basketball games, at home, and even at work. It might be time to invest in a nicer, newer, brighter t-shirt from your university, and save the old one for bed. 

The bottom line? Be grateful that cool college brands and garments exist, and proudly wear your favorite college tee. I promise that it will come in handy someday, and you’ll never regret having an extra college hoodie or shirt around. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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  1. Love the color of the shirt. My fave colors are green and orange, by the way. I agree on the quality of Coolegit clothing. They ate thicker than the usual pasalubong shirts or even college shirts.


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