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Piel Acne and Skin Care Center Review in Makati: Specializing in Severe Acne Treatment + Skin Care

I have a confession to make: I used to have acne when I was in my teens just like everyone else. But I must admit I really had to thank my set of parents for my genes. My acne was kinda mild back then, so I didn't really give a damn to it. Furthermore, in the past, I have totally no interest in skin care stuff. So my skin care routine was kept very simple. I only used a cleanser to cleanse my face not to mention, make-up was never in my hobby list in the past. My acne stayed mild until I turned 17 where I had to do my thesis. And before I knew it, my acne became worse and my life routine was flipped upside-down and messed up. I slept super late, woke up late, skipped meals, ate lots of oily, spicy, fried and junk foods, and when each time I get bored, I would pop my pimples thinking I would get rid of them that way (Of course, I didn't know any better!), all of which I believe caused my hormones to go crazy, thereby causing my acne to advance from mild to a bit moderate. As I was a newbie and had completely zero knowledge on beauty stuff, I have no idea what to use so I just randomly bought and tried some skin care products from the drugstores. Being impatient as I wanted to get my acne healed as quickly as possible, I cleansed my face 3-4 times a day and switched products in less than a month of usage when there weren't any noticeable results. As a result, my skin broke out even more. There were a few times where my skin got irritated and dried (itchiness, red patches, burning etc.) due to the use of inappropriate skin care products and methods. Teenagers and those plagued with acne and pimple breakouts are luckier these days, they’ve got aesthetic clinics like Piel Acne and Skin Center to help them out. 
Berlin Domingo of talks to her aesthetician for her skin analysis.

Specializing in severe cases of acne treatments, Piel Acne and Skin Center undertakes the highest standards of acne treatment available in the Philippines today. They’ve also got rejuvenating, non-invasive cosmetic treatments as handled by highly-trained aesthetic and licensed professionals in a safe and calming environment.
Piel Acne and Skin Care Clinic offers an extensive range of skin care treatments for complexion rejuvantion, skin tightening such as Eye and Lip Lift, European Facial, Enzyme Peel  as well as Diamond Peel, Skin Dermabrasion, Warts removal, among many others. The said skin care center features state-of-the-art machines that targets your skin problems. Piel’s first branch is in New York City, USA, where they have been operating successfully for years. The owner Sylvia Cancio has brought Piel Acne and Skin Center in the country to share her expertise and knowledge among her fellow Filipinos. 

Piel Acne Skin Care Center owner Sylvia Cancio
 The highly-trained staff also makes sure that they have given you a professional skin analysis before undergoing any procedure or treatment. "This is an SOP in our clinic as we'd like to give our clients personalized and tailor-made treatments and services based on their skin needs," says owner Ms. Sylvia Cancio who is a Filipino New York-Licensed Esthetician. Ms. Cancio coincidentally also owns and runs the very first Professional Aesthetic School in the country called La Manille School of Aesthetics and Wellness in Makati. La Manille School of Esthetics is proud to be the First and Only ITEC-Accredited SkinCare School (Aesthetics School) in the Philippines affiliated with the International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC). ITEC is the largest multi-disciplinary international examination board, based in London that issues Beauty Specialist (Esthetician) a Diploma recognized and respected by employers in 39 member countries . They offer the most comprehensive 300-Hour Certificate Course. After the course, get a CERTIFICATE, get immediate employment (local or international), or establish your own business like Facial Center (Skincare Center), SPA or Salon.

Cancio also stressed the huge differences between a dermatologist and aesthetician which if I’m not mistaken had often interchanged by most Filipinos. Through Purple Plum Fairy’s interview with Ms. Cancio, we were able to understand that dermatologists, being doctors by professions can better address concerns on all skin care problems from skin cancer, moles and other skin growths, eczema, psoriasis to rashes.  He is trained to perform fillers, injections, and laser treatments.  But when it comes to skin care per se, it’s a whole lot better to see a professional aesthetician. Why? Because our professional aestheticians takes care of procedures such as microdermabrasion, extraction, pore cleansing, exfoliating treatments, radiofrequency procedures, skin irregularities treatment among others.  He does a skin analysis and cleansing through non-invasive procedures and non-prescription products. He is not a doctor but attended a formal training to become a medical aesthetician.

Who says facial treatment are only for women? This guy tried his own pampering facial treatment and he said he loved every minute of it!

What I absolutely love about Piel (which meant ‘Skin’ in Spanish) is that they treat acne in a holistic manner. “We have to rule our gynecological causes of acne in female patients. We suggest our clients to their OB-Gyne for a workup. If findings point out to hormonal cause, these underlying causes are corrected. Patients are also advised to change their lifestyle with regards to their diet and sleeping patterns," added Cancio. 

A visit to Piel Acne and Skin Center can be this relaxing, it might lull you to sleep.
 Today, I wouldn't say that I am officially free from acne because I do still get them occasionally. I do get breakout when it's the time of the month (life being a girl), when I mess up my life routine or when I use products that don't suit my skin. However, it isn't as severe as what I had gone through hence, I think I should be thankful instead.

Anti-aging treatments to delay skin aging
Skin products are also made available for you to bring home.

Acne sufferers, NEVER GIVE UP HOPE. Treating acne should never be a burden. Piel Acne and Skin Care Center makes sure that when you avail of their treatments, they won’t put a hole on your pocket. All treatments are reasonably priced and guaranteed to cure your acne problems. 

Interested? Come and visit Piel Acne and Skin Center at the 2nd Flr. The Makati Place 7232 Ayala Ave., Ext. corner Malugay St., 1200 Makati
Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Phone: +63 (2) 553 4064 / +63 (2) 871 5956
Mobile:  +63 927 496 7435

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