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SM Foundation helps micro and small entrepreneurs with skills training and livelihood programs

They say it’s always best to teach a man to fish rather than give him fish. This way, he’d be able to learn how to fend for himself. SM Foundation Inc. (SMFI) realizes its importance in order to help man to sustain a living. So aside from providing assistance and educational scholarships they also give training and opportunities on livelihood programs. SM Foundation puts a priority on initiatives that will assist and empower the millions of underprivileged Filipinos and micro and small entrepreneurs to level up and beat poverty.  SM Foundation commits to continue its advocacy movement to support the underprivileged but deserving Filipinos and helping communities to build a country of enterprising Pinoys and inclusive prosperity. 

Blogger Marian Torres, Ms. Cristina Angeles, SMFI Assistant Vice Prsident and my good friend and Business Mirror supplements editor Ms. Leony Garcia

SM Foundation has had programs to support micro and small enterprises to help alleviate poverty. SM Foundation allocates a budget to provide trainings and assist the people in certain communities. Recently, they were able to cover and help four barangays in Nasugbu Batangas namely Calayo, Bulihan, Looc and Papaya. 

Daycare Centers for the kids

Looc Elementary School
SMFI has already over 1,400 beneficiaries in Nasugbu, Batangas alone. They have the following projects:
  •  Animal Dispersal Project (Hog, Goat, Carabao and Chicken)
  • Skills Training (Hospitality, Food Processing, Entrepreneurial)
  • Social Development and Relations Program (Day Care Center Storytelling, SM Youth Camp and Pistang Pinoy)

Ms. Leony interviews one of the beneficiaries of SM Foundation, Victor Cundicion
For the animal dispersal projects where SM Foundation conducts a home visit to validate the final list of beneficiaries.

Pig Dispersal—SMFI provides one female piglet to each beneficiary. And in eight months, the gilt should be ready for breeding. In two months after farrowing, beneficiary must return piglet/s based on the number of offspring. For every 3 first born piglets, one will be returned to SMFI for distribution and be of help to other future beneficiaries. As of today, SMFI have a total of 204 beneficiaries under the said program.

Goat Dispersal— They recently award 25 beneficiaries annually with one buck and one doe. For this program, ownership of the goats shall remain with the SMFI until beneficiary has return two goats back to the foundation. The beneficiary must return one pair of goat within a period of one year from the date he received the goats from the Foundation. Goats shall then be turned over to the next beneficiary in the presence of the previous beneficiary.

Carabao Dispersal—12 chosen beneficiary will receive a young female carabao. After two years, the heifer should be ready for breeding, after one year from calving the calf shall be turned over to the next beneficiary.

Chicken Dispersal—Beneficiary receives 10 free-range native chicken (8 pullets and 2 roosters), 4-5 months of age. In a year’s time, beneficiaries must return 10 chickens of the same age and it will then be awarded to the next batch of beneficiaries.

Victor Cundicion is a 46 year old farmer and currently a goat dispersal beneficiary. He was able tp take the  Farmers’ Training in 2009. Infrastructure, poultry and goat raising were some projects of the SMFI that he has greatly benefitted from. As of now, he cultivates wheat, okra, papaya, string beans and eggplants at Php25-40 per kilo. He has an 18 year old son whom he believes might soon follow his footsteps.

Another goat dispersal beneficiary, Ariel Destreza of Sitio Sentro, Barangay Bulihan says that he’s extremely grateful to SMFI for supporting his passion—that of raising goats. He now owns a 3-year old goat couple.  He takes care of goats, cow and carabao on his small backyard. He also had a small land for vegetation. SMFI aided him with knowledge, marketing, and livelihood opportunities. 

Eduardo Masenas says he owes a lot to SMFI for all the opportunities.

Eduardo Masenas Sr. was a carabao dispersal beneficiary as early as 2009. It was SMFI who gave them a carabao and at the time little did they know it would not only help them to overcome their day-to-day expenses but will eventually sustain their everyday needs. From his carabao, he now manages free-range chickens and he’s also into hog raising. 

Eduardo Masenas and his wife now need not worry about what they'll eat every single day.

Ariel Destreza says he's happy and blessed by God for being able to get into the SMFI program.

SMFI also provides NC I & NC II (In collaboration with TESDA) for their learners to become more competent. 

Merlita Tenorio enjoys doing manicure and pedicure

For Merlita Tenorio who used to work as a Barangay Health Worker, SMFI’s Cosmetology Training Program made her realized she could do more for her loved ones. She underwent training and she’s now considered as an expert nail technician as she does home service and sometimes accepts part-time jobs too. 

Macario Papa does sewing with passion mixed with skills.

For the Skills training program, Dressmaker/Tailor Mr. Macario Papa is one passionate sewer who’s proud of what he has achieved in life because SMFI has helped him to maximize his fullest potentials. The 55-year-old earns P500 a day to help support his family. He says he’s happy and completely satisfied that he’s now earning well enough to feed his family.

The Calayo Safe Group-Entrepreneurial Beneficiaries

The Calayo Safe Group meanwhile is a group of entrepreneurial training beneficiaries in collaborative efforts from DSWD’s Community driven enterprise development strategy (CEDED). Calayo safe group is headed by Roberta (Ruby) B. Ordonio and members are Cristina C. Quiroz, Juliana T. Bohol,  Crisele R. Robledo and Celerina V. Castellejos

After tucking up skills training on  fish vending and fish processing, the group had established a Sari-Sari store. Earning at least P330 a day, they aim to return P50,000 net to the SM-DSWD program. Who says housewives aren’t good at doing business? These ladies have proven themselves to be good entrepreneurs!

For the Skills Training SMFI offers the following to underprivileged but deserving individuals: 

a.    Hospitality Training (with Project Partners: Taal Vista Hotel, Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club, Pico Sands Hotel, ALS, TESDA, MSDC, CDHI). As of this time, they have a total of 144 Scholars Thesaid program lasts for period of 50 days. The course gives emphasis on both practical hands on lessons which includes technical hospitality training on work ethics and an emphasis on character building in Housekeeping NCII, Food & Beverage NCII, and Cookery NCII. It aims to tap, guide and educate local talents using the existing educational housekeeping facilities with a high percentage of program completion and outstanding placement rates. Scholars training are closely supervised by Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club and Taal Vista Hotel department heads and HR trainors. SM has 99.31% TESDA passers and most of them are gainfully employed. 

Employed graduates of SMFI programs who now works with Pico De Loro

b. Food Processing- Cooking with Chefs Project Partners: Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club, Pico Sands Hotel, Taal Vista Beneficiaries:74 participants Women are taught how to process food. Our chefs share their recipes that can open livelihood opportunities to the community.

 c. Entrepreneurial Skills Project Partners: DSWD Barangays: Calayo, Bulihan, Looc & Papaya Beneficiaries. They now have active106 participants. DSWD conducts the Community driven Enterprise Development Strategy (CEDED). It is a modular activity wherein our residents will be guided on how to choose, plan & start a business. It also teaches simple accounting, values & time management on a marginalized level. DSWD can also lend money through its Bottom Up Budgeting (BUB) Program.

SMFI also has Social Development and Relations Program and under its umbrella projects are the following:

a. Day care Center Story Telling Activity Date: Every last Wednesday of the month Beneficiaries: Daycare Center Children SM donated Day Care Centers to the four barangays, where our SM volunteers can interact with the students of the Centers in the area by playing games doing artworks, reading books and doing story telling activities. The interaction will improve the self-confidence of the children and stimulate their imagination. 

b. SM Youth Camp No. of Beneficiaries: 210 Now on its second year, the 3-day camp that is open to all out of school youth and graduating high school students. Objective of the activity is for the youth to get to know people and situations from the different barangays. It aim to inculcate in youth’s mind that there are better opportunities waiting for them. Activities include social preparations, values and spiritual formation and capacity building. SMFI and Nasugbu youth, work together in choosing programs that will best suit their interest and capabilities to the community. 

c. Pistang Pinoy Project Partners: Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan Nasugbu Livelihood Beneficiaries (KSK Costa del Hamilo Inc. (CDHI) Manila Southcost Devt Corp (MSDC) Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club (PDLBCC) Pico Sands Hotel (PSH) Taal Vista Hotel (TVH) Participants: Open to all Nasugbu KSK Member/beneficiaries, it's an annual thanksgiving and culminating activity in order to promote a good relationship between SM employees, namely; SMFI, CDHI, MSDC, Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club, Pico Sands Hotel, Taal Vista Hotel, and the community. It is an opportunity for Partners, SM employees that are in involved in the KSK project to become closer to the community while strengthening their bond, reviving the spirit of camaraderie and Bayanihan with each other. It also encourages SM employees in advocating volunteerism to the community in order for them to further experience the culture of the community in a deeper level. At the same time, the communities are able to meet and form friendships with SM employees beyond their work hours. Pistang Pinoy is a fun filled day full of games, entertainment, food and surprises directed to the people involved in KSK as celebration of everyone’s hard work and friendship.

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