Saturday, June 18, 2016

Cevio Art Haus in Kapitolyo Pasig: Unleash the hidden artist within you + create your masterpiece

Cevio Art Haus is a haven for budding artists
The concept of this innovative hybrid between art studio and wine bar is simple: walk in with nothing but an open mind and a ready imagination, and leave with a personal masterpiece and a newfound appreciation for your own creativity.

A friend of mine whose boyfriend of seven years have just broken up with her at the time wanted to do something to kick her out of that rut feeling. She said she wanted to get herself together but she didn’t know how to start. I had advised her to come and visit Cevio Art Haus in Kapitolyo, Pasig. Cevio Art is owned by art enthusiast/entrepreneur Cecilio Tobillo and his wife Teng who happens to be a good friend of mine. 

A few months later, the same friend called and thanked me for according to her, Cevio Art has helped her in many ways to cope up with the said break up. “I discovered I had a knack for painting. I was able to express myself more and was able to unleash the artist in me! These are talents I never even knew I had until you suggested to visit Cevio. Painting at Cevio's Paint and Sip Nights has helped me to move on.”

Her experience as well as other regulars at Cevio is what makes it apart from most establishments. When you come and register for one of their sessions, you learn and unlock your inner Picasso or Da Vinci while enjoying their complimentary menu of wines, sodas, cocktails and snack platters.

Owner Mr. Cecilio Tobillo
Entrepreneur, wife, and mom blogger Mel Medrano
My nephew Kyle Madrid with his very own artwork.
Purple Plum Fairy with Business Mirror's Supplements Editor Leony Garcia

For only Php1,000, you can learn how to paint. Everything will also be provided for you, including an unlimited supply of paint, different-sized brushes, and the canvas you can bring home by the end of the session! Worry not, there will be an instructor who will guide you with every brush and art assistants who will be eager to help you. 

Marvin and Melanie Medrano, Purple Plum Fairy, Ms. Teng Tobillo, Leony Garcia and Ms. Teng's friend.

Children are also guaranteed to enjoy the painting activities and a kid friendly menu while the adults can take a break from their busy schedules and de-stress in the studio’s warm cozy ambiance.

Cevio Art offers different packages whether you come with the children, a new romance, friends or family no matter what age or background.  You can also rent the said space to hold your art exhibits or for intimate party/art gatherings. 
Everyone's proud to show off their finished masterpiece.
To experience this unique art experience, come to Cevio’sPaint and Sip Nights which are held every Friday nights. Seats are limited so better call for reservation. Activity starts at 7:30PM.

Cevio Art Haus is located at 60 San Isidro Street, Barangay Pineda, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Call 6564931/ 09173104663/09258454546

Special thanks to Cecillo and Teng Tobillo. 

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