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Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations Clinic by Dr. Kaycee Cuevas Reyesat Bonifacio Global City: Sharing My #Skinvesting Experience

 I wanted to see a dermatologist for the longest time to consult the redness, flaky dryness + itchy spots on my face. Being naturally low maintenance and living on a very simple basic beauty routine, I'm not really someone whom you could consider as vain. But I know I should do something about it because it's becoming really uncomfortable. I think it's high time that I see and visit an actual medical dermatologist and not to simply rely on facial services and treatments at facial skin clinics. Through my friends' recommendations and after seeing the changes on their skin, I went to see renowned London-trained dermatologist and skin expert, Dr. Kaycee Cuevas Reyes of Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations Clinic  at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

At Luminisce, they believe that every patient can have healthy, great looking skin. Whether through the use of the latest acne or microdermabrasion treatments, they help patients restore their skin back to health and revitalize their appearance. Luminisce promises to address your skin and body's particular needs through extensive skin analysis and wide range of services and innovative treatments. 

The minute I entered Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations clinic, every person from beginning to end was super fabulously nice, competent, knowledgeable, efficient, and warm. I'm not exactly germaphobic but the clinic was spic and span. The staff were completely understanding and accommodating too. Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations clinic was very elegant yet cozy with private rooms to accommodate every patient. 

Time is of essence at Luminisce.  Unlike other derma clinics that will make you wait for hours, Dr. Kaycee saw me immediately. You set an appointment and they are ready for you at that time.  No sitting around waiting, no wasted time.  They tell you how long to expect and finish almost right at that time. Dr. Kaycee was patient, kind and calming. She was very professional yet friendly. But beyond medicine, her competence extends to her expertise with the latest skin care treatments that enhance and benefit aging skin. She emphasizes natural beauty and always listens and answers my questions.

I was diagnosed to be the recipient of the same skin condition as the former president of the United States of America, Bill Clinton. Like the former US president, I have rosacea. Rosacea is a common rash, usually occurring on the face. It is a chronic condition but e severity tends to come and go. Rosacea, in my case affected my cheeks--characterized by redness, dilated blood vessels, small bumps and a tendency to blush easily. I was surprised that Dr. Kaycee Reyes did not only explained to me what rosacea is all about, she also had them (all the important details pertaining to rosacea) printed out for me (from the British Association of Dermatologists) to read at home to fully understand on how I should properly take care of my skin. This is the first time I had experienced such personalized treatment. I was very happy to be given such attention and expertise.  Again, I loved the fact that Dr. Kaycee was very open to all my questions regarding my skin condition and she had not only answered them but explained each and every answer.

After my one-on-one private consultation with Dr. Kaycee, she had instructed her staff on what treatments/procedures I would be needing, namely: Luxury Facial, Facial Hydration/Ultra Revitale and Gold Laser for my rosacea which Dr. Kaycee herself would be doing. Dr. Kaycee had explained that the latter will repair and restore my skin from within. It helps fade skin problems caused by sun exposure and minimizes hyperpigmentation. It will be a big help for my rosacea, to prevent further redness. 

I was then ushered to one of the posh private rooms where I had their signature luxury facial with Maricor, one of the Luminisce staff who's a nursing graduate. According to Maricor, Luminisce's luxury facial treatment deep cleans pores and removes all the dirt, grime and excess oil while minimizing pores. It's also good for lifting and anti-wrinkles. The procedure starts off with a soothing facial cleanse and a relaxing massage that seemed to lull one to sleep. I had to fight my eyes desire to shut off since I wouldn't want anyone in the clinic to hear my loud snore. Although Maricor said it's a natural scenario at Luminisce clinic and that they're already used to it (clients who sleep during treatments), still I've been successful enough to stay awake for the entire duration of my treatments.

Going back to the luxury facial, after all the cleansing, the skin is then nourished with vitamins via sonophoresis, a process where ultrasound waves seep nutrients into the skin, removing blackheads and whiteheads. I've been used to all the painful pricking that one usually needs to go through when one undergoes 'basic facial'. Luminisce clinic continued to impress me because it's again my first time to undergo such treatment--a facial without pricking while still effectively removing blackheads and whiteheads. Throughout the entire process, I felt a slight tingling sensation, but everything's quite tolerable. Then, I was given galvanic facial treatment where special electric currents safely passed through my skin using a special machine to lift and revitalize my skin.

It was then followed by an oxygenating facial which releases cool, pressurized oxygen to hydrate and open pores. This is again another first for me, a new experience. The hyper oxigenation facial or O2 jet has vitamin c and ceramide for skin lightening and it effectively removes dead skin cells as well. Facial hydration is also used infused with anti-inflammatory. The said procedure felt like you've had your face being windblown outside a moving train or having your face outside a car window as you roll it out during a trip to Baguio City where you welcome the fog and the scent of fresh pine trees. But don't get me wrong, the sensation may make one feel a bit ticklishly, but nothing that may make you feel uncomfortable. In fact, I loved it so much because right after the said procedure I've noticed right away how my skin had this natural glow. 

Last but certainly not the least among the facial procedures I had to go through was the Gold Laser which Dr. Kaycee Reyes herself did. I was led to another room where the machine was. The word "laser" made me a bit worried. But Dr. Kaycee assured me, it wouldn't  take long and I'd just have to tolerate a bit discomfort for the sake of "tiis-ganda"; since this is just exactly what rosacea patients like me needed the most. I was made to lie down on a bed with eyes closed while wearing something to prevent my eyes from the laser beams. It felt like having 'fireworks' right on my face or it's about to get burned through little specks of pyrotechnics falling on my face. I was so relieved when the said procedure was done. Among all the facial procedures I've been to, this is the one that has given me quite difficulty in terms of discomfort. 

The Gold Laser Machine that was used to treat my rosacea.

Since I've mentioned in passing to Dr. Kaycee that I've a skin tag during my consultation with her earlier, she said that it'll also be removed through electrocauterization. So before I went through all the facial procedures I've mentioned above I was given topical anesthesia on my skin tag. And since I'm done with all the facial procedures, it was time to remove the skin tag. Again, I was made to lie down on a bed in another room as Maica (another friendly Luminisce clinic staff) carefully and painlessly removed my skin tag. I was expecting to feel pain because I knew how painful it is to have warts and skin tags removed. I was also a little scared because Maica said that if the skin tag does not fall off or if I feel severe pain, Dr. Kaycee would have to inject an actual anesthesia and I wouldn't want to go through that, I cringed at the thought of using a syringe. But voila, I was then taken by yet another surprise after Maica said it's done. I couldn't believe the cauterization was finished when I didn't even felt a single pain! That's how good they were at Luminisce! 

Your Purple Plum Fairy with Dr. Kaycee Reyes

One thing I've learned on my visit at Luminisce is that the skin is the body’s largest organ. It helps regulate body temperature and acts as an interface between your mind, body, and surrounding world. Taking care of your skin helps to ensure a lifetime of quality overall health. I learned to take good care of my skin better because I'm not getting any younger anymore. Dr. Kaycee said I should put on sunscreen each time I go out of the sun, even on a gloomy weather. I shall also change my bad habit of not using an umbrella and perhaps try to be more conscious with what I eat and use on my skin as well. No stir, no magic but it actually feels and looks like one--I stepped out of the Luminisce clinic with less redness on my face and with supple moisturized glowing skin. A big thanks to Luminisce skin specialist Dr. Kaycee Reyes!

I'm extremely grateful to Dr. Kaycee for her excellent care and I attribute the positive compliments I get about my skin directly to her.  Her staff is also incredibly helpful and warm; they happily assist with any special needs and requests. I'm grateful to have met Dr. Kaycee and I couldn't be more fortunate to be her patient.

Visit Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations Clinic and meet Dr. Kristina "Kaycee" Cuevas Reyes, MD, DCD, MSC--Skin and Laser Specialist at the 2nd floor of Mercury Drug Building, 32nd cor. 4th Avenue, Bonifacio Global, Taguig City (fronting St. Luke's Medical Center)

Contact them at (+632) 511-8500 Mobile: (+63917) 521-5283. Email them at Like them on Facebook at 

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