Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bid Pimple Problems Goodbye with the help from SkinTrends The Acne Authority + Freebie Discount Coupon!

Does having acne problems often pisses you off? Do you take a lot of time trying to hide those obvious acne spots with foundation cream or concealer? You don't really have to suffer and hide your face from everyone because of pimple marks due to hormonal issues. Fret not, hope is within reach. There's a renowned dermatologist named Dr. Herbie Joy Mongcal, whose main mission in life is to help each individual to zap those zits and pimples away. She has established SkinTrends which guarantees 100% safe, effective and painless acne treatment. Thus, over the years, SkinTrends has gained not only loyal clientele but also the label "The Acne Authority". 

SkinTrends offers affordable acne treatment that does not put a hole in your pocket. SkinTrends believe that acne, no matter how severed can be controlled and prevented by having the appropriate treatment. With the goal of helping people with acne problems to gain back their confidence, SkinTrends' loyal clientele swear by its program and treatment effectiveness. 

I owe my skin to and I'm thankful to my parents because I am blessed with good genes so I never really had a problem with acne. But just like everybody, I too had occasional pimples which had to be treated as well. Since I believe that being a blogger means having a responsibility to my readers each time I help promote a particular brand + I'd want to be credible as an online influencer or blogger, before I agree to write about them, I would usually try for myself a particular product or in this case, a specific treatment. By doing so, I can write down my personal experience on my blog which I can share with my readers/blog followers. 

I've decided to try SkinTrends acne treatment myself. I can attest to the fact that SkinTrends' acne treatment program is one of the painless acne treatment one will ever experience. I've had experienced it myself so I know exactly how they treat stubborn pimples. Pricking pimples yourself will not do you any good. You'll only end up suffering from tons of ugly pimple marks and scars which will make you regret. 

What I like about Skintrends is that they made sure their treatments and services, although specialized are still made affordable to the masses. Look closely into this service menu and I'm sure you will agree with me:

For those of you who'd like to try SkinTrends acne treatment or any treatment/services, I do have a good news for you. Purple Plum Fairy has been given with a Php100 discount voucher  which my readers could use in any Skintrends branch of their choice. You just have to print out the special discount gift voucher found below and present it to any SkinTrends branch to avail the discount. 

*One Coupon can be used per day and per transaction. Print the coupon below to avail of the discount. Coupon entitles the bearer to a one-time Php100 peso discount on a single transaction at any SkinTrends branch. Coupon is not convertible to cash. Pronted coupons will be surrendered by the bearers at which branch they choose. Promo runs from February to June 2015. 

Visit the nearest SkinTrends branch now: Sta. Rosa Laguna, Eastwood City, Alimall Cubao, Festival Supermall Alabang, and Pacific Century Tower, QC. 

Don't forget to print the gift voucher when you come and visit their clinics! 

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