Thursday, November 7, 2013

Soviet Camera Store: Great Deals on Lomography Camera, Vintage Camera + Range Finder

More and more people are getting access to photography by simply acquiring a full-frame DLSR, or a point-and-shoot camera or even just using your mobile phones. But for photography enthusiasts and serious hobbyist and professional, this creative endeavor can eventually require an equally serious setup--this is where Black Label Photogs and Soviet Camera Store comes into the bigger picture. If you want to get into photography or you're already an enthusiast, let Black Label Photogs and Soviet Camera help you to become fully equipped without shelling out too much. 

Soviet Camera Store is an online store which has quickly become a word-of-mouth among range finder and lomography camera enthusiasts and online photography netizens with its range of excellent quality and vintage cameras like Zorki and Smena, along with top quality lens and camera accessories. The owners, international professional  photographers Vlad and Aileen Nevynny guarantees that all the cameras they sell are working and in good condition. 

If you're a food, travel or style blogger in need of more sophisticated photography and content for your site, for instance, you may want to score affordable but premium equipment from them. For more professional tips and if you are truly serious about getting into photography, you may want to enroll in Black Label Photogs. They offer professional photography lessons from basic, advanced to master classes at a very reasonable price. Black Label Photogs also accepts food photography and product shots.

Soviet Camera Store and Black Label Photogs pretty much offers you the gear and knowledge along with everything that you need to start your own professional or DIY studio. After all, photography is such a booming business these days. 

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