Thursday, December 12, 2013

Maybank Secure Online Shopping: Say Hello to Hassle-Free Online Shopping

 We could see them everywhere—across all Internet social media platforms: from Facebook pages, Twitter, Tumblr to Instagram—nobody could deny the rise of online stores. From toys, shoes, clothing, gadgets, accessories to comfort foods such as delectable sweet cupcakes to whatnot, name it and surely, the Internet has it. Let’s face it, online shopping is so much fun because of its convenience. One doesn’t need to go out of the comforts of one’s home to be able to buy whatever it is that your heart desires. All it takes is a click on a button and voila! You’ll have what you want on your online shopping cart. You can now afford to pay even your bills through E-Commerce. Online shopping isn’t just some kind of a trend though, for e-commerce is here to stay. Where else can you find great deals and find unique trinkets for a steal price? How about discovering that designer bag you’ve been jonesing for a really low price? However, one must be cautious when transacting online. There are a number of fraud or non-legitimate sites around the web.

 Most Filipinos are afraid to go shopping online for fear that upon doing so they will be submitting financially sensitive information that could either lead to account hacking or worse unauthorized use of their credit card accounts.
I remember buying my first online purchase two years ago. I was pretty excited on making my first purchase yet at the same time feeling somewhat anxious and hesitant thinking if the said product will really be delivered right on my doorstep. I waited for days before the arrival of my ordered goods. So you could just imagine my relief when it had finally arrived after five days! 
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There is a great sense of joy with secure online shopping. Knowing fully well that the website is legit and that it has partnered with credit cards you can trust gives one not just joy but also peace of mind. So when I’ve heard about Maybank Secure Online Shopping, the more I got interested with it. Maybank encourages its credit card holders to shop and make online transactions without having to fear because they are assured of safe online payments through the use of Maybank’s One-time-password to Maybank Mastercard and Maybank Visa cardholders. Online shopping had never been this fun and easy, the cardholders will be provided with a one-time-password on a 3D secure site for payment directed to an authentication page and will receive his or her registered password on mobile phone within 30-45 seconds. 3D secure sites are labeled with verified by Visa and MasterCard secure code.  Maybank credit cardholders simply had to enter the one-time-password he/she has received in the authentic page to complete the transaction. The one-time-password will be valid for 5 minutes.  The Maybank Secure Online Shopping is a free-service and the Maybank credit card holder just needs to make sure if his/her current mobile number is registered. 

Maybank Credit Card holder doesn’t even need to call the customer service hotline if they’ve been receiving transaction alerts on their mobile phone via SMS. But if they ever need to do so, say to update their number or to enroll further supplementary card holders, they could simply call Maybank’s 24/7 Customer Service Hotline at +63 2 588-8888 or to the PLDT Domestic Toll Free Hotline at 1-800-10-588-3888.

 Talk about hassle-free online shopping with your Maybank Credit Card! With Maybank Secure Online Shopping at the helm, you know you’ll never go wrong and all you’d have to think about is where to score cool items and cheap deals to start your shopping! Have fun and enjoy shopping!

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