Friday, November 30, 2012

What I like and What I Can Share This Christmas!

It's Christmas time once again and I admit to have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which means--I am not like everyone who is kind of giddy and happy about the season. Not that I do not like Christmastime, believe me, I really do. But it's just that the festive season makes me long for my old Christmas as a kid--when I was still in awe of everything. I'm no Scrooge but I just feel sort of nostalgic during the holiday season. 

But there are a whole lot of reasons to be happy about, this I understand. I have been blessed to still be alive despite all the calamities that our country had recently faced. I'm still alive and blogging so that in itself should be a reason to smile. 

What do I like about Christmas? I like Snowflakes even if there aren't such in a tropical country like the Philippines. But for me, there's something about each snowflake that makes me feel alive. You know that sense of wonder? Yes, even if I no longer see Christmas the way I did as a child, I know and believe in its own magic of touching lives no matter how humbug that person is. (Me, that is!)

I like the sound of Christmas Carols. There's nothing as angelic as the voice of choir singing Christmas carols. It happens only once a year that you'll be hearing such sweet music so I make sure to pay it forward and give something to the carolers.

So, enough of what I like about Christmas. What can I share instead? I can share my time and resources. I see myself doing volunteer works of charity. I believe that we should all have a heart of gold especially for the less fortunate brothers and sisters. I would also give some of my extras (whatever that maybe) and encourage Kyle and my family to do the same thing. In fact, we had just given toys this morning to the needy. I will lend an ear to those in need and give some sort of sage advice to those who will seek help from me.

Lastly, I will forgive those who were able to hurt me in the past years. They may not ask for forgiveness but I am asking the Lord God to heal whatever wound they might have inflicted on me. This Christmas Season is all about HOPE. As I start another year, I do not want to have a grudge on anyone.

Merry Christmas to everyone and have a peaceful New Year!

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