Friday, September 14, 2012


The very first time I heard about this unique Vitamin C granules (as Sodium Ascorbate) called Vitapops—I had been so eager to let Kyle try it. I’ve been an old user of Ceelin Syrup and since it also came from Unilab, I figured it must also be good. Vitapops come in small orange sachets and what makes it different from the other Vitamin C was the fact that it comes in pop-rocks format and it crepitates inside the mouth! It actually makes taking vitamins a whole lot easier since there’s no need for spoons anymore and spilling will no longer be a problem. With Vitapops, taking Vitamins became more fun than it ever was.  

Vitapops is made up of 50 mg of Vitamin C (and because it’s Sodium Ascorbate, it is non-acidic and can be eaten even on an empty stomach). Your kids can even take it without water. It contains only 1/5 the amount of sugar found in regular Vitamin C. 

As usual, before I let Kyle try Vitapops, I had to try it for myself to see how it’ll be like. Hmmm…it actually felt like I was taking in some fizz popping candies instead of a serious Vitamin to help boost the immune system. There’s undeniable fun in making the granules crack and fizzle inside your mouth. I’m sure kids will definitely enjoy the experience.
10-year-old Kyle kept reading the Vitapops’ label. “Are you sure this is a real Vitamin?” he asks. I nodded. I told him he’s about to taste a new kind of Vitamin and that he should let me know what he think of it.  Upon tearing the orange sachet, he let the rocks fizzle on his mouth.  Kyle said Vitapops tasted sweet at first, followed by some tangy taste of orange and then something bitter towards the end.
How was it it? I asked. “It’s okay. I think there’s nothing really impressive about it except for the fizzing experience. But that’s only the fun part,” says Kyle. I then asked what he’d choose if he’s given an option on what Vitamin C he’d take if it’s like his old syrup or something like Vitapops? “I still like to stick with my old Vitamin C syrup. It tastes better.”
As for my own review, I think I had to agree with Kyle. Although Vitapops had its fun popping experience, it isn’t a guarantee that kids will love its sweet-tangy fizzle since it really had that bitter after-taste which kids may not appreciate well. Plus it also contains yellow #5 (which may not be consumed by kids with hyperactivity).
I honestly hope Unilab can tweak its orange flavor a bit to suit the flavor that kids will all love. And for P10 per sachet, I believe that’s pretty expensive as compared to the 5ml syrup a day (a little more than Php100++ per bottle).
Anyway, you can let your kids try it and see for yourselves. Who knows they might love it? After all taking Vitamin C had never been this fun! Vitapops is available at all leading drugstores nationwide.
Purple Plum Fairy thanks Women Central’s Ms. Rochelle Dela Cruz for sending us 5 sachets of Vitapops samples to review.
Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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