Monday, May 14, 2012

Blogged: Koala’s March Supported Nickelodeon’s Spongebob Yellow Party

The minute we received an invite for Nickelodeon’s Spongebob Yellow Party, we knew it’s an event not-to-be-missed. The invite said, it will be held on May 5, 2012 at Bonifacio Global City Open Field.

Koala's March Booth during the event.

Kyle, being a true yellow (yes, not blue because Spongebob is not blue!) Spongebob fan had been looking forward to that day since I told him about it. Unfortunately, he got sick a few days before the said event. If you think his fever had stopped him from seeing Spongebob, you’ve got yourself wrong.
The Big Wave Slide for Kids.
 Kyle prayed hard for a fair weather before the actual day. And I was not surprised to find out that his prayers had been answered. Although it did rain on that day, it only rained in the late afternoon when the show was almost through.
Goody Gulp with Spongebob.
 Kids and kids-at-heart had a whole afternoon of fun with games and surprises plus truckloads of joy given with the presence of Spongebob, Squidward, Patrick Star and the cuddly Koala’s March mascot. There were game booths, play areas such as the big wave slide, bikini bottom slimeshack shower, and on-stage games for everyone. What’s more, admissions to those attractions and to the event proper were free.

Kyle came to the event with half-sister Icy in tow. They both enjoyed the attractions but Kyle particularly loved the free photo booth from Koala’s March. “It’s very seldom that I get to see Icy and enjoy her company. And the Koala’s March photo that we had together will be Icy’s reminder of the fun time she had with her Kuya,” says Kyle.
My nephew Kyle and his half sister Icy on Koala's March Photo Booth.

Toys from Toy Kingdom were on sale too.
 The siblings also enjoyed eating Koala’s March chocolate filled biscuits. Kuya Kyle loved the premium chocolate variant while Icy likes the strawberry filled one. “It’s really cute. Before I take a bite, I like to see the different poses and characters of Koala’s March on my biscuits,” enthuses 5-year-old Icy. Her Kuya Kyle agrees to that. “We like to eat Lotte’s Koala’s March for snacks and have them as our school baon,” relates Kyle. “I would even share a box with my classmates and teachers. Once, I’ve bought a huge family pack in class—we ended up eating while having lectures. My teachers love Koala’s March too,” adds Kyle.
More of Koala's March.

The Nickster Guy who either sprays on water for cooling or slime!

Slime shack where you can take a bath in slime.

Game booths bowling.

On stage games and some dancing.

 The Spongebob Yellow Party became an instant hit to all who came because Koala’s March as well as its other partners had supported Nickelodeon. And guess what? After the event was over, Kyle’s fever had totally gone too. Everyone who came had a smile on their faces---regardless if they were slimed on not. J

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