Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blogged: Tang Galing Mo Kid Young Heroes in our Midst

I have always laud at youngsters who were able to do great things even at a tender age. These kids have been nurtured with the right values and had shown that age wasn’t a hindrance to begin with, as long as you know what your goals are. They had proven through amazing heroism that a kid’s small deed could spell a BIG difference in their community or society.

 Tang recently awarded the winners for their nationwide search for Tang Galing Kids that aimed to recognize young achievers who have demonstrated potentials for being heroes.
The plaques of recognition and trophies.
 As early as last year, different organizations from across the country such as Dynamic Teen Company, Girl Scouts of the Philippines, Club 8586 Inc, Women of Wallem, Handicapped Intensive Rehabilitation through Employment and PAREF Rosehill School sent in their nominations. It had taken the Tang’s jury almost a year to be able to choose seven of the most remarkable young heroes.
Some of the winners receiving their prizes.
 Kesz Valdes, himself a former street beggar and labor-exploited child, he began teaching other kids personal hygiene through demonstrations at age six. He also volunteers in giving out slippers and books to street children.
Raynold dela Cruz is an active advocate for children’s rights was recognized with a “Good-Deeder” Award and a “Young Mandela” title in 2010 by the South African Embassy and the Dynamic Teen Company (DTC) during Nelson Mandela Day. He’s a trainee at DTC with ongoing projects such as “Saving Kids with First Aid Kits” which aims to provide first aids kits to public school clinics, while also raising funds by selling ice candy made with Tang.
 U Maalam and Trubador Wisely used their creativity in illustrating comic collection aimed at uplifting the lives of others. After class, they try to sell their wares at a higher cost to executives, lowering publication costs so they could sell the comics to the masses at a much lower price.
Proud Tang Galing Mo Kids winner receiving her prizes.
 Angela Serafico spends her time in helping the less fortunate. She’s a multi-faceted artist: a violinist, writer, public speaker, and painter. In response to the recent Typhoon Sendong, Angela sold two of her paintings and donated proceeds to the calamity victims.

Martha Balagat created and illustrated her own book and is a contributor to the Junior Inquirer where several of her pieces were featured. She also teaches Catechism every Saturday with her Mom for underprivileged children and creates visual aids for them.

Dannah Suaze is a Laguna Council Representative. She inspires the less fortunate to be responsible citizens by teaching Catechism and reading. She’s active in Barangay, Church, and Girl Scout programs.
All the Tang Galing Mo Kids winners.
 These winners represent varied interests with one common thread—they were all significant contributors to their communities and organizations.

To these kids, I say Kudos! Good job and May the other youngsters will be more inspired because of you. Let’s celebrate the greatness of our children. Encourage your kids to reach out to others and share whatever it is that they could share. J

Purple Plum Fairy thanks Rica Madrid of http://www.rics-outoftheblue.blogspot.com for the photos.

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