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Blogged: Bioessence’s Beauty Break Services

With all the myriad of problems we face each day, we all deserve a “me-time”, to simply have a break, relax and unwind. But who has time? There are times when we simply need to escape from the stress of everyday living and lose ourselves among the spa for an escape. One such place to do just that is at Bioessence.

One of the treatment rooms at Bioessence
The word “spa” is an acronym taken from the Latin phrase solus per aqua, meaning “health by water”. Today the said concept also includes fitness, nutrition and wellness.

Nowadays health and well-being are taken very seriously. Bioessence understands our need to relax and de-stress, that’s why they created BB time or Beauty Break Time. The aim is to give us a break for beauty. A time to relax and be pampered.
Bioessence's Assistant Training Manager Ms. Cha talked about Stress Management.

The pathway to beauty and relaxation.
 Here are some of the signature treatments one can enjoy under BB time:

Foot Reflex—They apply rhythmic pressure on the foot area. It is a great way to relax after forceful walking, running or exercise. Personally, I believe that among my body parts, it is my foot that’s truly overworked and the most abused. Imagine carrying some 200 pounds body weight every single day? I commend my feet for not complaining. So a foot reflex massage is pretty good way to make up for that. Gentle taps on specific points provide relief and improve circulation on my feet.

BB Facial—is a complete facial care that includes massage, cleansing, scrubbing and toning, steaming, and extraction or pricking. It had everything else the usual facial has except that they’re all done in just 30 minutes! And for P350, you can enjoy this special treat from Bioessence made specifically for busy people. This BB facial brightens and illuminates the skin, giving it a longer-lasting pampering effect.

Back Massage—Our lactic acids (better known as “lamig” in vernacular) are usually found on our backs. And in my case, the cause could either be my too much sitting in front of the PC all day or bad posture, but a back massage is a little taste of heaven for me. It does my heart good to know that each time I get myself a back massage, I am give myself a small piece of reward. Each therapist’s motion is like a pat on my back for a good job done.

Hand Paraffin—Imagine soaking your hands on a hot tub of wax? Sounds pretty scary right? It’s like straight out of The House of Wax Paris Hilton movie. When I had this treatment for the first time at another spa, I didn’t know what to expect and had zero idea what’s going to happen. But with Bioessence, the therapists were not only friendly; they’re also willing to answer your queries.  I was told that this hand paraffin treatment is great for bloggers like me who usually work with their hands (we type on our PC almost all the time). This treatment helps smoothen the hands, eradicates pasma and pangangalay.

Beauty blogger Ms. Sophie Salvador Morabe tries the hand paraffin treatment.

Even men deserves some pampering and skin TLC.

A slimming machine for men at Bioessence.

Post script: This Mother’s Day avail of the Bioessence Mother’s Day kit for only P790. It comes in a cute tote bag that contains a Bioessence special soap and facial milk cleanser plus one regular facial gift certificate. You’ll definitely save a lot since the regular facial itself costs P600++.
The Mother's Day Kit is available at all Bioessence branches.

The author and Ms. Cha.

The author and Bioessence Marketing Coordinator Ms. Anj Alip.

With 18 years of excellent service in health and wellness and 52 branches nationwide, you can be assured Bioessence will not only make you feel good and beautiful, but will also help enhance your total well being. Call 376-7106 or 0918-8-BEAUTY for inquiries and appointments.
Purple Plum Fairy thanks Ms. Anj Alip, Ms. Brenda Bayani and the Bioessence West Avenue staff. 

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